Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Month

I can't believe that it has been a month since I have posted...but a busy month it has been.
First off I was finishing the semester of school. Now for those of you that know me, you know that I am anal about some things and for those of you that don't - well lets just say that paperwork is one of those things that I am picky about. As well as the need to do the best that I can at school - and that includes striving for an A even if it kills me...so the last month was spent studying and preparing for finals. Of which I am now finished with and so glad to be on summer break! (Oh and I did get an A in all 3 classes - so the analness was worth it to me)

I also had to do a photo shoot for my dignity award and an interview for the award...I proofed the write up. Oh my gosh - it is like 4 pages long! If I get a copy I'll post it for you all to read. It is still weird to read all of those things about oneself but fun none the less. And Julie brought me a parenting magazine (orange county edition) that had an article in it on St Joseph being awarded the baby friendly hospital award. I was actually quoted in the article..."veteran L&D RN Debra Bolton also prefers the immediate bonding aspects of Baby-Friendly practices. ""The baby is less stressed and calmer than with the traditional method of taking the newborn from the mom to the warmer to the bath. And, parents like being the first ones to count all the fingers and toes" " It was sort of funny to see the article, for I didn't know that I was even giving a quote for an article when the person asked me about baby friendly...!
I did a couple of fun deliveries for people that I knew or who asked for me again. I always count it a privilege to deliver a patient more than once. To know that they trust me and want me to be a part of their delivery is quite special. I also took care of a preterm patient that made me promise that I will be there when she delivers...so yes - Cali I will be there!!!

The best part of the month was that I took a mini vacation...Erika had qualified for the NAIA national championships so I flew back to St Louis, Missouri to watch her run. My parents were also on a road trip so they made that one of their stops and we were able to spend some fun family time together.

Biola's team did well. The 4x800 team and both of the steeple chase runners made it in to the final races and Erika's roommate Natasha won the Pentathlon and the high jump. You can read all about it here. The race was held at a college out in the country - loved it! I think I need to move to the country...except for the bugs and humidity that is! I love the quiet and the wide open fields and the blue sky!!How come shes the only one getting ready to run?!?!

You can see more pictures of Biola runners here

I actually liked St Louis - it is a neat city with a lot of revitalization going on. I did have time to be a tourist too - not just attend races. We saw the arch and my parents and I went to the Budweiser brewery. It is a beautiful old factory and the tour was really neat. They even give you samples of beer at the end of your tour. My parents don't drink...but they did make an attempt to taste the sample. The last day that I was there, I had some quality alone time (the athletes and my parents had left), so I spent the day walking around the city and sitting in front of the arch just relaxing. It was so beautiful - until a storm blew in. You know those midwest thunder storm type of storms. I sort of didn't want to come home...but alas, I did and now it is back to real life.