Friday, March 23, 2012


My granite is in.
It is so much prettier in real life than in these pictures.
It is browns and tans with specks of black.
I find myself running my hands along it and just saying, "Ahhh"

 I wish you could see it in person.
I have never had such a pretty kitchen!

 Definitely a work in progress!

You should see it in the evening when we have the lights dimmed.
Oh, I can hardly wait to be able to use my kitchen.
I won't even mind cleaning it because it is so pretty!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Celebrating World Down Syndrome Day 2012

Today is World Down Syndrome Day.

Humans are comprised of chromosomes...23 from our mom and 23 from our dad for a total of 46.  The chromosomes are paired and are the building blocks of each of us.  These chromosomes dictate who we are, from the color of our hair, the color of our eyes, shape of our body and more.

On an occasion, a person will end up with a set of three chromosomes.  When there are 3 of chromosome number 21 then the person is then said to have "Down Syndrome".  Because of that extra third chromosome the 'building blocks' so to speak will be a little different.  People with Down Syndrome have different facial features such as almond shaped eyes.  They may also have low set ears, one crease on their hands and they may have congenital heart defects.

Trisomy 21 is one of the most common trisomies.  There are other more lethal trisomies all numbered according to the chromosome that is affected.  You may know someone with trisomy 21.  These children tend to be loving and kind.  They may have learning difficulties or need special education.  Yet, they can and do make a mark on society.  
I have had the privilege of caring for a few trisomy 21 babies and have become friends with their parents.  Emma Jane is one of these girls.  She is bright and funny and a blessing to her parents.  Is she different?  Sure, but aren't we all just a bit different in our own way?

Today, March 21st has been deemed World Down Syndrome Day. 
 3/21 - get it?  Three of chromosome 21.  
According to the National Down Syndrome Society, today was chosen to honor these special people:
"World Down Syndrome Day was established in 2006 by Down Syndrome International, with the goal of raising awareness and mobilizing support and recognition of the dignity, rights and well-being of people with Down syndrome across the world. March 21, the 21st day of the third month of the year, was chosen to symbolize the third copy of chromosome 21 present in Trisomy 21, the most common form of Down syndrome. This year, World Down Syndrome Day is especially significant as it is the first time that the day will be officially observed by the United Nations."

Hug your favorite Down Syndrome friend today!
And don't forget to tell those parents of these children what an awesome job they are doing raising a child who is just a bit different.
Hugs to you Emma Jane and Penelope!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I Have Cabinets!!

 I have cabinets, I have cabinets, I have cabinets!

Doing a little happy dance!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Unexpected On-Call

The phone rang at 5am this morning.
Of course it could only mean one thing...someone from the hospital was calling.
"Do you want to be on-call?"
Really?? On a week-day?? Slow enough to stay home??
Heck yeah!
My PTO is almost maxed out - to the point that I won't be able to accrue any more. So it just stops.  I can't seem to get a scheduled day off and soon I start precepting a new nurse.  So, any on-call days will not come my way for another 10 weeks or so.
I had to ask how many patients were on the board ~ only 4.
How many inductions ~ none.
How many C/Sections ~ three.
Guess I'll go back to bed then.
And back to bed I went.  I slept in until 0830 and then got a few things done around the house.
Even ran a few errands.
It was glorious.  I really think I'd like to work part-time.  It would give me so much more time to clean my house and do homework....
Alas, I didn't get the whole day off.  I got called in around 4pm.  But it sure was nice to stay home for a bit and I was able to burn some PTO so my bank isn't so full.
Love getting those phone calls for an unexpected on-call!

Friday, March 16, 2012


I am getting closer to having a kitchen again!!
 The can lights are in (replacing the old panel / fluorescent lights - Yeah!)
Dear Hubby hung a new chandelier - I really like it.
And the appliances sit in the living room / kitchen waiting to be put in to use 
I haven't had an oven in over a year ... I can't wait to bake something really yummy in my new stove!
You don't realize how much you need a kitchen until you don't have one! HA!
This is turning in to a test of patience...
At least we are all fairly flexible people and keep holding out for the end prize.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


This fine young lady - Natasha, was Erika's roommate in college for four years.  They were paired together freshman year.  Neither knew a thing about the other one.  Their common bond was running as both were on the cross country and track teams.  They became the best of friends with their love of running, love of competing and their focus on Christ.  Next month Erika is driving up to Canada to be in Natasha's wedding.  I know that they will be life long friends.

I ran across this video while looking at the Biola website.  Every year Biola celebrates women and this year the theme is "Courage and Calling".  They have a feature on Natasha as she prepares for the Olympics.  The thing that I always loved about Natasha was her quiet, non-boastful attitude.  She is a great athlete but never flaunts it or acts like it is the most important thing in the world.  She was a frequent all American and set many school records.  It was always fun to watch her compete and I sort of felt like she was 'half-mine' since she was such a good friend of Erika's.  I mean they lived together, studied together, traveled together, competed in national meets and basically she became a part of our family.  We are proud of her as she seeks to qualify for the 2016 Olympics in Brazil.  Training for the Olympics, she faces the challenges of training and answers the Lord's calling on her life with courage, constantly inspired by the word. I think we made just have to get our passports ready to go watch her compete once again!!

Don't forget to turn off my playlist down below so you can hear what she has to say~

Love that girl!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Being the tightwad that I am, we opted to do our own demo.  We figured we could save a little bit of money and Michelle really wanted to break apart those cupboards.
So, with the help of a friend we got to it.
Honestly....I didn't do much of the demo for home repairs is just not my gift.  I don't get any thrill out of doing the physical work.
So, I was the 'trash lady' and made multiple trips to the trash bins.
And I did food and beer runs.

Here's Michelle starting the demo:
Doesn't she look excited?!?!
Bye, Bye ugly kitchen!

Bit by bit there is less and less in the room

We decided to use the old table as a work station.  
It will soon be donated away.

Erika stopped by for a visit.  She drew pictures on the wall.
Oh, and she helped to pick out the new paint colors.
Dear Hubby stripping off the pineapple wallpaper.

And there's that ugly chandelier
Everything is gone so now the painting can begin.
Well everything but that ugly, non-working stove.  The appliance store will haul it away when they bring the new ones.
Notice the soffett - we took out the old lights and plan to replace them with can lighting.
Even little people can get in on the painting action.

Though some times the paint ended up in other places. Lily sure had fun and learned about working together as a family.

Michelle can multitask.  She talks on the phone as she puts finishing touches on the soffet trim.

I'm glad that other people in my family like to do home just isn't in me but I sure am liking the results.
This has been a huge project for us.  Yes, we probably started the demo and prep work a little too soon, but I had to work on that while I was out of school for winter break.  So the wait for cupboards begins.  I still use the is where I sit and do homework.  Though a couple of the chairs met their demise during the whole demo and prep stage...guess that happens when you stand on 25+ year old chairs - HA!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Living Room Kitchen

We are in a state of chaos here at my little abode.
We gutted the kitchen the week after Christmas (yes almost 3 months ago!!)
If you could have seen my old kitchen you would know why we finally decided to bite the bullet and go for a remodel.
And like many remodels it is taking longer than expected.
All I can say it is a good thing that we are all very relaxed and flexible around here for this hasn't been easy.
We have a kitchen in the living room
Michelle decided maybe it was cool to have a fridge right next to the TV - she can play video games and reach in for a drink.
On the other wall is our prep area.
It is such chaos and hard to see but we have food in boxes.
We have a coffee maker, toaster, microwave and electric griddle.
So we are not starving by any means.
But a kitchen doesn't really belong in the living room.
We look like hoarders!!
Trust me though, we have gotten rid of so much over the coarse of the last couple of months and plan to rid ourselves of more junk when we move back in to the actual kitchen.
Here's a look at my ugly old kitchen.......
Finish coming off of the cabinets.
An old 1960's double stove (of which neither stove works - just the cooktop)

Cupboard doors the don't close and old florescent lighting.
UGH- look at that ugly stove!
A dishwasher that leaks 
and cupboards rotting off of the countertop.
 You can't really see it but the cupboards are coming off of the wall up in the corner.

The pineapple wallpaper may be called 'retro' now but I hated it!
 You can't really see the old chandelier in these two pictures but trust me - it is old and dirty.
Functions and provides light but it is an eyesore.

 Oh my beejeebers....looking back at this old ugly kitchen grosses me out.  And to think that I have lived with it for a long time.  I can't wait to have my new, functional, updated kitchen.
Just wish it would hurry up and magically appear!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Another One Done

Another class is done!!  I am one step closer to getting that BSN that it seems I have been working on forever.  I finished Pathophysiology.  Haven't seen the grade on my big project yet, nor the final grade but I know that I did OK.
Now it is on to Multi-Dimensional Assessment.  With lab included where we are going to really get to know our classmates well ~
As our instructor said, "you never know when you will be in another country or in disaster mode without high tech you better know how to assess".
Should be interesting.
Now if only I could get in to the homework and get over this burnt-out feeling!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

He Heard Hannah

I am looking forward to reading this book:
It is written by Lynnette Kraft.  I have been following her blog for quite some time.  Her daughter Anna was born with congenital heard disease.  When her daughter was 6 she passed away from cardiac arrest. The book is not just about her daughter's passing but also the life changing effects that her life and death had on the 911 operator, Courtney Becker,  who took their call for help that day.  
It is a story of the redeeming power of Christ.  
How God can use things for His glory.
Things,  that to us may be so confusing and painful.
Things that we may not understand, but God weaves all of that in to a beautiful tapestry of His story.
The book is set to be released April 1st, but you can pre-order it on Amazon.
Or go to Lynnette's blog to click on a link to pre-order your copy.

Happy reading!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

International Women's Day

Today is International Women's Day.  In honor of this day,  I thought I would share this link on A Birth Story in a Bangladesh Slum.  (borrowed from a million mom's challenge)

"In late 2011, Philadelphia-based freelance photographer Sarah Bones, part of the collective Photographers for Hope, went to Bangladesh to photograph the urban delivery centers or “birthing huts” opened by BRAC, a global development organization active in 10 countries, in the crowded slums of the country's capital, Dhaka. She witnessed, and captured on film, a dramatic scene as one 17-year-old Fazila, endured a difficult labor – first in the birthing hut, later on the floor of a stranger's hut."

I am passionate about women's health and birth related issues.  Maybe one day I will be able to travel internationally to practice.
Health care in other parts of the world is so lacking.  It breaks my heart that women and newborns have to suffer this way.

Friday, March 2, 2012

23 years

23 years ago this sweet little girl came to live with us
She graced us with her presence on a cold, rainy day
March 2 was her due date
A prompt little girl she was
Mommy was busy with her sick brother....had to get him to the doctor first ~
Then off to the hospital her mommy went
After an hour and a half
Erika was born
She weighed 6 pounds, 8 oz
and was 19 inches long
We fell in love with her personality and her half head of hair
Hair that stood straight out so we had to tame it with bows
 She was cute but a little strong willed
and not very patient....when she wanted something she wanted it right away...
She was always determined
always kind
She grew up to be a fine young woman
She has a heart for God
She has a bucket load of friends

She has a boyfriend :)
She is smart
She is pretty
She is athletic
She is thoughtful
She is loving
She is fun to be around
She works hard
She is still determined
She still sets goals and strives to achieve them
She is Erika. My sweet little 23 year old.
Happy Birthday baby girl ~ you have been a blessing to us and I am so glad that God gave you to us all those years ago.
Even though you were my hardest one to carry...the pregnancy filled with kidney problems and preterm labor (you were in a rush to be were a runner from the start I guess), I am so glad that you were born.  Life just wouldn't be the same with out you.  I am so proud of all that you have accomplished and all that you are!
May you continue to grow in grace and mercy, becoming the woman God intended you to be.
I love you with all of my heart,