Saturday, July 31, 2010

Under the Weather

I've been a little under the weather the past couple of days. Nothing serious, just achy and tired. I was so glad to get an 'on-call' today from work and just be able to hang out at home. Sometimes we all need a little down time. I know that I tend to cram many things in to my schedule and rarely take time for myself, yet I always feel refreshed when I do take a day off and just hang out, read or nap or what ever.
I also know that I really have nothing to complain about. There are so many people out there that have bigger trials than I do. Some special people have been on my mind alot lately.

One of those is baby Brooke's mom. Remember, I had posted about her a week or so ago. I had asked for prayer for baby Brooke. My patient / friend has been in the hospital for awhile now. I talked to her today. Things weren't going so well. She said her white count was up which could mean infection and she was having contractions. Please keep praying for them. We are all hoping for a miracle for both baby Brooke and her mommy!

Another new blogger friend is Stacy. She is a young mom with 5 children and a recent diagnosis of breast cancer. Visit her blog here to see a woman with the softest heart and hear her testimony. Also pray for her as she navigates the path of cancer treatment. I can only imagine what it must be like to be responsible for your family and to be in pain and not feeling well all at the same time.

Lastly, if you would keep my blogger friend Jody in your prayers also. She is another Christian woman that has seen her shares of heartache, yet continues to praise her God for who He is. She has an amazing story and just went through another anniversary date of the day her little girl died. Anniversary dates are always bitter sweet. You love the memories of that special someone but are incredibly hurt by not having them around any more either.

Tomorrow I plan to get up and just enjoy another day - for that is really all we have - one more day to praise the God who made us and holds us in His hands.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Medical Updates

This has been a long summer - filled with multiple doctor visits and time spent waiting on test results...yet, I think we are nearing an end to the drama around here.

Michelle's breast biopsies came back as fibrous adenomas. Mostly something she is just going to have to watch for the rest of her life. She sees the surgeon again in 6 months and as long as she has no new growths and her current masses stay the same, then they will back off to once a year. She managed the biopsies well, had very little pain and less bruising this time. She is just "lumpy'.

As for Erika~ her blood work is all normal, her cervical screen is negative and her C.A.T. scan was negative!! Yeah - no sternal lymph mass, no pelvic masses - nothing! Thank God!! She has now been cleared to go on about her life. She is feeling so much better, is eating better and taking vitamins.
She has also started training again for cross country season. She ran 5 miles today. She is behind in her mileage but hopefully will still have a strong season. She will be a senior this year at Biola University and was hoping to just enjoy this time in her life. Many thanks to her coach for his friendship and understanding during this tough summer!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Welcome Baby Noah

Our little church just keeps growing. Sure, we have had new families join us in the past year. But, our biggest growth has come from within. There have been four baby boys born in the past month alone at our church.

Little Noah was born on Saturday, July 24 at 1536.
Mommy Christine labored a long, 36+ hours!!! I was able to take care of her. She had the most beautiful delivery. She hardly pushed, was able to feel some of the pressure but was so in control and really got to enjoy the birth of her sweet little guy.
The new parents are so in love with this little bundle.
Here they are checking out their seconds old infant.
Daddy Nick cutting the cord
We do immediate skin to skin at the hospital where I work so the baby does not leave the mom unless there is some problem or the baby needs some resuscitation. Christine held and checked out her little guy ~ she did skin to skin and she had the freedom to just check him out and get to know him.
Baby feet - the sweetest creation God made.
Checking out every little detail
Noah was a little guy - he weighed 6 pounds 7 ounces

One proud papa
Congratulations Christine and Nick. It was an honor to care for you and be a part of your special day. Thank you for allowing me to be there. You did awesome with your days long labor and you are going to be wonderful parents. I could see the love and care that you both have for little Noah. Love him and teach him how to be a man of God.
Welcome Noah!! I can't wait to see you again and watch you grow.


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Diaper Bags

While working today, one of our anesthesiologist comes in to the room to give my patient an epidural. He places the epidural then goes on to carry on a conversation with the mother about her petunia pickle bottom diaper bags. You know, those expensive designer diaper bags that are all the rage right now...

At first, I was like, what is he doing talking about diaper bags? He even knew the name of this designer bag. It was sort of funny.

Well, come to find out - his wife owns and runs a company that makes bags that are just as cute if not cuter than those really expensive ones. They also make car seat covers and lunch bags, and snack bags.
If you are looking for a cute bag you should check out their web site. Their diaper bags are called "The Bumble Collection" I have a whole new appreciation for Dr M. - who would have ever thought a guy would know so much about bags?!?! He says he even goes to trade shows with his wife. So, not only can he take your pain away - he even helps you look cute when you take your new baby out in to the world :)


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Praying for Baby Brooke

I took care of a patient yesterday that asked me to post about her and ask for I am...
I'm not going to go in to all of her story because of HIPPA stuff but I will let you know a bit as she has asked. She knows that the outlook for her situation is full of risks, but she is also hopeful and attempting to stay positive.

My patient is 17 weeks pregnant and her bag of water has already broken. A full term pregnancy is 40 weeks so she isn't even half way through her pregnancy yet. Of course, if she were to deliver today...the baby would not survive. My patient is committed to doing what ever she needs to do to help her baby live...even if that means staying on bedrest for 20 weeks.

She is expecting a little girl, named Brooke. My patient, lovingly said, as she rubbed her baby bump, "I love her so much already". She just wants to stay pregnant long enough for her baby to be born alive. Long enough to see her breathe, long enough to watch her grow, long enough to see her smile, long enough to hold her and love on her, long enough to to have her live.

Please join me in praying for baby Brooke


(ultrasound pictures taken off the internet)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Happy Birthday

20 years ago today I gave birth to the sweetest, calmest, cutest baby. Michelle Elyse joined our family after 5 hours of labor. She weighed 6 pounds 13 ounces and hardly had any hair. Labor with her was by far my easiest. I had contractions that were not super painful, and did not let the doctor break my bag of water. After walking around, visiting with my nurse friends, I did finally have a few strong contractions. At this point I asked my nurse to check me and I was just about ready to start pushing. My bag broke the contraction before she delivered and my doctor did not make the delivery. But I didn't care for I had this sweet little baby to hold.
She slept alot and was not real needy (which was a good thing because her 17 month old sister was not taking to kindly to having a baby around the house...and she was the needy one at that time!) Michelle was a happy baby. She slept, ate and pretty much just took in her surroundings.

Love the toothless smile here. She did finally grow those teeth though ~ and required years of orthodontic work ~ probably because she was a thumb sucker. But I didn't care ~ she was content.
I should have known that she was going to grow up to be an animal lover. She was always holding them and playing with them - even as a young child. Today she has two dogs, a cat, two fish and two turtles. Yet she constantly asks to bring something else home!
She grew up in to a fine young woman. She is smart, has always done well in school and got accepted in to almost every college that she applied to. She is currently attended Cal State Long Beach where she is majoring in Kinesiology. She is sporty, yet girly all at the same time. She played soccer growing up and ran track and field in high school as well. She still loves to work out and take her dogs on hikes in the canyon. Guess that is why she is in such good shape.
She has many friends ~ some that she has had since kindergarten and she has a heart for our world and the people of our world. She loves to travel. I often wonder if she will join the peace corps one day. Of course I think she is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.She also loves photography. She has two SLR camera's but received this point and shoot for her birthday today. She even has her own photography website called, of all things, Michelle Elyse photography. I keep telling her to major in photography but I think for now it is just a hobby. She does do photo shoots on the side if you are interested.....Happy Birthday dear daughter of mine! You have brought so much joy in to my life - and a little frustration as you are late for everything - guess that is your kickback nature! I hope you have a fun birthday with many more to come!!
Love you,

Saturday, July 17, 2010

It Took Forever!

I spent some time today trying to create a button for you to be able to place on your blog. You know - one of those blog buttons that you can click on and link right to my blog.
Well, after a long time...I think I finally did it. All you have to do is copy the URL into your blog by going to your blog, click on design, click on add a gadget, click on HTML/javascript and copy and paste the URL into the box.
I sure hope that it works!! So let me know if it does or doesn't.
I had already had a button on my blog but didn't like that it wasn't cropped well. So, I spent much of today trying to create a new one since I was too thrifty to pay someone else to recreate it - HA!
Yes, I know the colors don't exactly match my current blog but since I change my background paper frequently I decided to just do it in pink and colors.
And no - I don't plan to change it in a long time for this one took me forever to create!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Life Goes On

I am home from a day filled with doctor visits. I am a bit tired, and glad the appointments are over.

We started this morning with Michelle getting bilateral biopsies done on her taa-taa's. Six months ago she told me that she had felt a lump and she was rushed through the medical system back ultrasound, referral to a breast oncologist / surgeon and had a single biopsy done that showed the mass to be a fibrous adenoma. (benign mass...cystic in nature...not really a big deal). She had a 6 month followup appointment recently, only to find that she had a new mass on one side and one that had grown on the other side since her last biopsy. So today, she got stuck again. I truly think Dr C. is just being careful with Michelle. It is sometimes hard to tell if the masses are concerning or just fibrous. So we wait for results - again...for the second time in a month. Only with a different child this time.
Michelle is feeling good. She has a tight ace wrap on that she needs to leave on overnight - she looks a flat chested young girl. So far she says that she has hardly any pain. She said the numbing medication was the worst part. Guess we can plan a birthday dinner after all for her this weekend!

After I got Michelle settled at home, Erika and I headed off to the oncologist to followup on that previous "highly suspicious for lymphoma malignancy" report that we had gotten a few weeks ago. First off, let me just tell you that she is feeling so much better. She is eating again (like she used to - HA!), and has even started exercising. She isn't quite back to running yet or training for cross country season but she is so much more her 'normal' self.
The appointment went well, we sort of felt like it was just going to be an easy in and out thing.

The doctor did see the original area of inflammation ~ which is healing but still inflamed. She said there is scar tissue forming which is good. She really wasn't too concerned but went ahead and ran a test for cervical cancer just in case. Then she talked with us. Again, she said she isn't too concerned - she didn't feel any lymph nodes in the obvious areas like the groin or armpit. She did order some lab work (which was drawn today) and a C.A.T. scan. I was a little surprised by this. I guess I am glad though that they are making sure that everything is O.K. I really feel in my gut that she is O.K. and that her doctors are just being cautious since she is young and has a life time ahead of her. So, we have one my hurdle to get over before she is given a clean bill of health.

I am amazingly not worried about either daughter. I know that some people would probably hear biopsy, oncologist, surgeon, C.A.T. scan and totally wig out. But I am at peace for whatever comes of any of this testing. I think they are both quite healthy. I think we will look back on this summer and comment on how we made it through all of this. I think they will go on to lead long lives and are just being challenged right now with questionable issues. They are both strong, independent women of character and are handling all of their testing with grace. And no matter what - our God is the same today as He was yesterday and He will lead us through whatever happens with all of this. I am choosing just to rest in that.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Welcome Baby Elijah

Friends of mine from church just had their 3rd child. Baby Elijah was born on July 13th weighing in at a healthy 9 pounds 3 ounces.
I really wanted to take care of Bethany - she has these really nice, low intervention births ~ the kind of patient that I love to take care of~she'd probably be a great person to do a home birth!

I did have the privilege to be with them for the birth of their second child but this time her bag of waters broke at night time ~ and I had to work the following morning. Of course...I can't go in and work late at night, only to return a couple of hours later to work a 12 hour shift. So I had to hand her off to my good friend Maggie. I was bummed, but I knew that Maggie would take good care of her.
I called the unit to let them know that she was coming in. I heard that she did great! And she had the cutest, chubby little guy :) She was home within 24 hours. See - I told you she'd be a good homebirther...
I did go see them that next day and I got to hold that sweet little bundle. Yet, I am still bummed that I wasn't able to be there for the delivery. I keep wishing that I could have changed my schedule or that I could have just worked the overtime. I told her that she may have to have another one, just so I could attend...

For now I guess I need to be satisfied with being able to see Elijah as a newborn and to join all of the others in saying, "Congratulations!"
Enjoy your new baby boy. I know that you are already awesome parents and he will be a welcome addition to your family. Enjoy him and kiss those chubby cheeks everyday!
(pictures lovingly borrowed from Bethany's facebook posts...I couldn't blog about him and not show his cute face)

Monday, July 12, 2010


Mom - before you wig out that no one told you is not one of your grand daughters... :)

I work with this cute, young nurse named Cristina. She is in her upper 20's and we all just love her. I've loved her from the moment she came to us. She is spunky, smart, and caring. She started in L&D as a new grad. She grew up in this area, moved to San Diego to go to school then moved back here to work and start her adult life. Even though we are generations apart in age, we have become good friends as we have worked together on the unit and on different committees.

Of course when you are young, smart and cute on top of are often the one set up on many a blind dates. We all wanted the best for Cristina and never really quite understood why no one had snatched her up yet. Come on - she has a good job, owns her own condo, is funny and has a cute little chihuahua! I always thought she'd be a great daughter in law...but Jon is a couple years younger than she is so I just never pushed that.
She has never given up or ever seemed too concerned with finding the right person - she worked, joined committees, had friends and basically enjoyed life as a single girl.

About a year ago she started dating Chris...she had known him in high school but they both had different significant others back then. They went off to college and got their careers going. Then they reconnected...and fell in love.

It has been so fun to watch her eyes shine as she talks about Chris. To watch their relationship develop. To ask her things like, "do you think he is 'the one'". I had a 'feeling' about them from the very start.

They went to Hawaii this past week and all of us on the unit have been speculating whether she'd come back with a ring on her finger...She texted me about something earlier in the week and I asked if she had any 'news' yet. To which she responded, "No, I'd post it on facebook if I did".
I was ubber excited when I got a text from her that said, "News is posted". We logged on at work (even though we are not supposed to.....) and there she announced to us that she was engaged.
I can tell you that we were all smiling and happy to hear her news!! You could almost hear the roar in L&D as we shared our excitement with her.
Can't wait for her to come back so I can see her ring and give her a big hug.

Congratulations Chris and Cristina! May you have
years of wedded bliss and lots of cute babies!!!!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Updates is summer time...but you wouldn't know that here in southern California. I haven't put on shorts yet and we are in to July. It has been overcast and cool in the morning, the sun finally comes out for awhile by noon, but then it is cool again in the evening. We were talking about it at work the other day when Dr V came in wearing a jacket. Watch - it is going to be crazy hot about the time school starts up again. I just betcha!!

I am back to work, dropped my summer school on-line class since I just haven't had the time to study and write papers. It was just an art appreciation class anyways and I can pick that up at any time. I can't stand to get anything but an A ... so I felt it was just best that I drop it for now.

Erika saw Dr A. today ~ he said that her wound is healing. She does feel better. She has more energy, is changing her diet (she says this will help with her running too) and she hasn't taken any pain medications for a couple of days. Actually she took one today before she saw the doctor...'just in case'. She said that the stitiches being removed was not a big deal though. Dr A. has referred her off to Dr R. - a GYN oncologist. We are waiting to hear when that appointment will be. I'm thinking he will just see her and agree she is well.......a second pair of eyes on her case will reassure all of us ~ especially me.

Lily is over here today. Getting in to everything as only a 2 year old can do. She also asks 'what' and 'why' all day long. Love her! Even if she does tire me out :) On that note - I'm off to be sure she gets lunch then we are going to read some of her favorite books and take a nap together.


Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I am back to work...and that must be earth shattering to someone...for today, while my patient was pushing, we had a 5.4 magnitude earthquake. I heard it before I felt it. Heard that weird noise and instantly knew one was coming...My patient was actually pushing at the time. The room started to roll and again we heard that noise - sort of a 'creaking' sound. It is such an eerie sound. I think the thing that I hate most about earthquakes is that they strike without any advanced notice. Not like a hurricane or tornado. You are walking about, doing your work and all of a sudden the room starts to move. You think to yourself..."is the room moving or is this my imagination?" and that quickly changes to,"is this gonna be the big one? I sure hope it ends soon!!"

Now if having an earthquake isn't scary enough...imagine having one when you are teaching an intern how to give patient care, you have a patient pushing, your doctor is deathly afraid of earthquakes and you are the one that everyone is looking up to. You know you have to stay calm (which I am pretty good at) but all you really want to do is call home and make sure your kids are safe. Thankfully the quake wasn't any bigger and didn't last too long. My patient's husband said he looked around to see if the chandelier was moving - a chandelier in a birthing room?? No - we don't have those - so I told him to look at the IV bags if he really wanted to see something moving.

I told my intern that if that walls started to collapse that she needed to jump on the patient in an effort to try and save her and I'd stand in the doorway watching to be sure they were OK. I think she half believed me...but really - I did remind her that you don't leave your patients side during an earthquake, and afterwards you check your room to be sure all of the equipment is still intact and that your patient is safe. In a major quake we may need to evacuate. Thank goodness that didn't happen! Having to move a patient who can't walk because she has an epidural going and is pushing would not have been my idea of a fun day!

The news keeps saying that we have had many aftershocks - but I haven't felt any. The only aftershock I noticed is the influx of patients after the quake. They always come rolling in after something like that. I think it just gets their adrenaline going and then they contract or they worry about their baby. So it just makes our day even crazier!! I was glad to get off and come home. Everything was good here but it sure made for an interesting day.
Our patient went on to deliver a healthy baby boy. Won't that be fun writing in a baby book, "today you were born while the earth shook"

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Professional Photos

Pictures of my parents anniversary party are up and available for viewing and purchasing by clicking here. We had a friend of ours, Kassel, take the photos for us and I think he did a good job. Brings back great memories already.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Highly Suspicious

My daughter, Erika has been sick for about 3 weeks. She started out with what appeared to be a stomach virus in mid June. You know, the typical nausea, vomiting, fevers and such. So we went to her doctor, who also agreed that it was just a flu thing and he gave her medication for nausea in the hopes that if at least she got that under control, then she could eat something and the rest would fix itself. That was on a Friday. I continued to work all that week since she is 21 and doesn't need me to be there quite as much as she did when she was little. I just made sure that she had all she needed for the day and picked her up things like Jamba Juice on my way home each day.

Sunday of that same week was the start of my two week vacation from work - aww, no more hospitals, patients or medical things for 2 whole weeks! Family is coming in and I have a few more things to do before our big party... Or so I thought. That very Sunday, Erika says to me, "Mom, I have this sore that hurts". My response as the o-so-caring nurse- mom said, "Can it wait until tomorrow and we can take you back to your doctor?". She agreed to wait awhile.
By that afternoon though she came to me and said, "Mom, this thing really hurts, I think I need to go to the emergency room and have it looked at today. I'm not sure I can tolerate the pain until tomorrow". Off we go to the emergency room. Great! My first day of vacation and where am I but in a hospital....

The doctor does an exam and says, "You have an abscess that needs to be opened and I think you need to be admitted for IV antibiotics". My response, "What!? Admitted?!, Oh alright - just make her better". Now I am starting to think it is a good thing that I am off of work, on vacation, at least I don't have to worry about calling in sick. She may be an adult, but she is still my baby and if she is going to be in the hospital then I want to be around with her.

Erika gets her IV antibiotics, gets her first taste of being a patient (she had great nurses so had a good experience ... if you can call hospitalization good) and then comes home. A few days later on her follow up exam at the office, Dr A comes out and says to me, "The abscess is all necrotic (dead), I have to remove some tissue and clean it up. It will leave an open wound that will be painful but it will heal better this way" (he could not sew it closed or that would have trapped the infection inside). Dr A takes care of Erika and sends her on her way. At least her flu like symptoms are now gone and we are just dealing with this crazy abscess!

Oh the pain! Have you ever had an open wound? Her vicodin wasn't cutting it so we got Dilaudid instead. Her pain was more manageable this way. Again I am thinking that I am glad I am off of work now to take care of her. We had family here for all of our events surrounding my parents 50th anniversary but we just had to adjust and do the things that Erika felt like doing.

Then we get this call from Dr A...."The tissue I took off wasn't good. You need to have a biopsy done on your next visit". Of course, my nurse mind starts to go in to overdrive...Biopsy?, Not good? What are we looking at? But I chose to just relax and wait until we went to the office before I would worry about anything.

Thursday of this week (now almost 3 weeks into her illness), Erika and I go to Dr A for another followup and biopsy. He discusses the biopsy procedure and why he wants to do one and gives me the original pathology report from the necrotic tissue that he had removed the week before.

I held in my hand and read a report that said "HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS FOR LYMPHOID MALIGNANCY". Not just suspicious, but HIGHLY suspicious. Malignancy, as in cancer. My baby could have cancer. My baby could have hodgkins or non hodgkins lymphoma. I must have read those words multiple times...highly suspicious, malignancy, highly suspicious, malignancy.
I have read reports like this before but it was always on someone else's child, someone else's mother, someone else period. But this report had my daughters name on it. Again, I chose not to get too worked up. Dr A even said, "You aren't really freaking out" to which I responded, "Because I can't change whatever is going to happen and I know my God will be with us as we face whatever challenge we need to face" Dr A just sort of looked at me (now, you have to know that I work with Dr A and I totally trust his medical expertise but he isn't the type of doctor who is going to pray at your bedside. He must have thought I was some crazy religious lady) Dr A takes the biopsy and we go home to wait out the next 24 hours.

My immediate response was to send out a mass email to let family and friends know what was going on and to request prayer. Erika and I did not talk a whole lot about things. We chose to just enjoy the evening and watch a movie and wait for the next day. We did talk about the fact that our lives could change and I had to remind myself and Erika that we could only take it one day at a time. The only thing I said was that if she needed to start chemo that she should consider cutting off her long hair and donating that to "locks of love" and get a short haircut. I have seen cancer patients loose their hair and it is brutal - even more so if it is long. Erika's response to that was, "I've always wanted to try a short cut"

So we wait... By night time my stomach is in a knot and I can't sleep. Never once did I think that Erika would die from this potential cancer, but I am worried about her having to go through all these painful procedures. I am worried about her loosing her hair. I am worried that she may never be able to have children. I don't care how old your children still worry. Yet, I still felt, hope against all hope, that "highly suspicious" was a mistake. Maybe, just maybe it was because the tissue was so necrotic.

Yesterday, Dr A called. He said, "the new biopsy just shows inflammation, no signs of malignancy". Praise God!! Inflammation we can deal with. Inflammation gets better without chemo and other crazy procedures.

We had a taste of what it was like to receive bad news. Thankfully we were spared. I know many others who are not spared. I deal with families everyday that are told their baby will die. I often encourage them to enjoy just that day with their baby in their tummy. I had to remind myself of this. Yet, I have a better understanding now. I will treasure each day that I have with my children

I hope I never have to hold in my hand a piece of paper that says, "HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS FOR MALIGNANCY" ever again!! Especially if it has my child's name on that piece of paper.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Another Disney day

Our family has all gone home. My mom and I had breakfast this morning with Uncle Dave and Donita...then they got on the road.
My sister Dawn and her family left this morning to go back to Oregon. It is strangely quiet. And I feel a little sense of loss at having everyone gone. We have had so much fun together.
At least we have great memories to share....

One of those memories is our trip to Disneyland this past week. 21 of us went. We had to break up at times but we also kept running in to each other. I am glad that we are able to do things like this together. We did so much - yet we left much of the park untouched.

Here's a small photo journal of our day:

Trying to decide what to do and where to go. The hardest part was that we had adults, teenagers, young kids and toddlers with us. We all had different things we wanted to see and do.

Some of the bigger kids on the rocket ride

My daughter Michelle and Mitch - and my dad in the background in the blue jacket.

My niece Sarah

My daughter Erika and Tim

My little niece Nicole in her Minnie ears

Lily having cotton candy

Kaitlyn, Nikki and Lily with the world famous Mickey Mouse

Nikki and Lily also found Minnie Mouse. Minnie is making a fuss over Nikki's hat and Lily had a Minnie t-shirt on that she is showing to Minnie. Minnie was so excited!

The girls were soooo happy to be with Minnie. They didn't want to leave so that anyone else could see her.

Here's a short little video of Kaitlyn and Nikki on the autopia cars:

On the "thoo thoo twain" (yes, it took me awhile to figure out what Nikki was asking to ride) and we rode that train more than once during the day.
Watching the fireworks
California Adventure at night
We ended our day by standing in an hour long line to watch the newest show at Disneyland called "World of Color". It is a high tech water show. So at 11:00 pm we watched this show. I have posted a very short version of it here....

Miss all of you guys already! I can't wait until we all get to be together again.


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Anniversary Pictures

Here are some photos from my parents anniversary party for those who have been waiting :)
They are in no particular order and don't really capture the whole event but at least it is something. I will also post the link to all of the professional pictures once that is up.

Party in action
My parents with all of the grandchildren - Jon, Erika, Jerrell, Michelle Kaitlyn, Sarah, Nicole and great- granddaughter Lily. Oops we are missing Cormac
My son Jon and nephew Jerrell
Mom and Dad with their four children. Doug, Debbie, Darlene and Dawn
Cousin Love - Lily and Nikki
Table set up
Kids that grew up together - now all grown up
Mom, Dad and my Uncle Denny and Aunt Mary (dad's brother)
My daughter Erika and Tim
More cousin love - Lily and Kaitlyn
My daughter Michelle
Just about the whole family...I'm not sure we ever got a picture with everyone in it at the same time