Thursday, July 1, 2010

Anniversary Pictures

Here are some photos from my parents anniversary party for those who have been waiting :)
They are in no particular order and don't really capture the whole event but at least it is something. I will also post the link to all of the professional pictures once that is up.

Party in action
My parents with all of the grandchildren - Jon, Erika, Jerrell, Michelle Kaitlyn, Sarah, Nicole and great- granddaughter Lily. Oops we are missing Cormac
My son Jon and nephew Jerrell
Mom and Dad with their four children. Doug, Debbie, Darlene and Dawn
Cousin Love - Lily and Nikki
Table set up
Kids that grew up together - now all grown up
Mom, Dad and my Uncle Denny and Aunt Mary (dad's brother)
My daughter Erika and Tim
More cousin love - Lily and Kaitlyn
My daughter Michelle
Just about the whole family...I'm not sure we ever got a picture with everyone in it at the same time


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Holly said...

Looks like a lot of people came! The cake is beautiful.