Friday, July 9, 2010

Updates is summer time...but you wouldn't know that here in southern California. I haven't put on shorts yet and we are in to July. It has been overcast and cool in the morning, the sun finally comes out for awhile by noon, but then it is cool again in the evening. We were talking about it at work the other day when Dr V came in wearing a jacket. Watch - it is going to be crazy hot about the time school starts up again. I just betcha!!

I am back to work, dropped my summer school on-line class since I just haven't had the time to study and write papers. It was just an art appreciation class anyways and I can pick that up at any time. I can't stand to get anything but an A ... so I felt it was just best that I drop it for now.

Erika saw Dr A. today ~ he said that her wound is healing. She does feel better. She has more energy, is changing her diet (she says this will help with her running too) and she hasn't taken any pain medications for a couple of days. Actually she took one today before she saw the doctor...'just in case'. She said that the stitiches being removed was not a big deal though. Dr A. has referred her off to Dr R. - a GYN oncologist. We are waiting to hear when that appointment will be. I'm thinking he will just see her and agree she is well.......a second pair of eyes on her case will reassure all of us ~ especially me.

Lily is over here today. Getting in to everything as only a 2 year old can do. She also asks 'what' and 'why' all day long. Love her! Even if she does tire me out :) On that note - I'm off to be sure she gets lunch then we are going to read some of her favorite books and take a nap together.


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