Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Not so Sure

UGH - I just got home from school - it is 11 p.m. and I am having a glass of wine to de-stress...

I am just not so sure I am going to survive this current class.
It is a writing and research class. The amount of homework is sooooo overwhelming! I have two papers to write before next Tuesday and I only have one day off that I can even attempt homework.
What was I thinking attempting to go back to school??
I keep hearing, "C's get degrees" and I wish I could rest in that ~ but I am an A type / anal / student. Not just a student - it is how I approach most of life. If I am going to do something, I want to do it well. Life patient care ~ I want to give my patients the best delivery that I can.
And I stress when it is too busy for me to give "foo-foo" care...Basic care can always be done...but I want to go above and beyond.
Who ever said I could do this school thing and work full time??????
How have my friends done it????
I think I need to just go to bed and forget about it! Especially since I work in the morning.
Thank God I didn't try to do this when my children were younger!
I am only venting frustrating here - I'm not quitting - at least yet any ways.
I'm not so sure at this moment that I am going to make it. (though I did get an A on the last paper........)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Back to the Grind

It didn't take me long to fall right back in to the daily grind that I call life... I do wish at times that things were a little slower for me. Yet, I don't want to give up school and I have to work full time ~ so I just need to plan a little down time once in awhile.

This week I went to church on Sunday, then attempted to write a paper in the afternoon. I must have writer's block or something for it just hasn't fallen together (thankfully our instructor decided we didn't have to turn it in this week since so many people are struggling with the assignment).
I worked a full 12 hour shift yesterday.
I was at the hospital today for about 2 1/2 hours working with a comfort care patient and planning their birth. These meetings always wear me out just a bit for we are talking about tough things.
I came home, finished up some little school assignments, did the dishes, swept and am now just about ready to head to school for 4 hours.
Tomorrow and Thursday I work 12 hour shifts.
Friday, I have Lily all day :)
Saturday I work another full 12 our shift.
And Sunday will be my day to write the next paper.

I do find time to spend time with the kids though and even read a good book in the evening once in awhile. Sometimes I just sit out in the sun in my little backyard and watch the hummingbirds.
I would love to have more free time if I could.
Sometimes this daily grind really gets to me~

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Michelle and I went to Ohio for a couple of daysI've always loved this house ~ it has a huge round window on the side of it. Would love to go in it one day....It always feels like 'coming home' to me. I used to spend my summers there growing up. I spent time on the farm and made good friends. We still have relatives in Ohio and sometimes I dream of moving there (just not sure I could stand the winters...). I love the smell of the earth, and the green landscaping. I don't like all of the bugs! One can not go home without going to the local Dairy Freeze - YUM!Michelle would love to live here too ~ mostly because she could have all of the animals that she wanted. You can tell that she was quite happy wandering around taking pictures of my cousins pets :)The goat who acts like a dog. She follows you where ever you go and always wants to be petted.We didn't have time to ride, we only got to play with the horse for a bit.My Uncle's house is in the woods. He took us on an informative walking tour around his property. I have so many fond memories here. I spent many a summer day swimming in the pond, exploring and playing in the cool treehouse that he built for us.You can't see it real well but there was a momma raccoon and her baby hiding in the tree. Such cute little noises they made.A view of the pond.And the pet raccoon.Some crazy prehistoric looking, snapping turtle that was wandering through the grass. We think it was trying to get to the pond. And there were tame cats to play with too. Doesn't Michelle look like she is having a good time.On Memorial Day we went by the cemetery where my grandfather is buried. All of the veterans had flags by their headstones. It was pretty awe inspiringWe ended our trip with an afternoon visiting our long time friends - the Sullivans. They all just make me laugh and I know we would hang out if I did live back there. We didn't get any pictures of them - but the are featured in Michelle's video below. Hated coming back to busy California!


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Kelsey and Natasha

One last track post - for our last day at nationals.
Two of the Biola's girls ran in the final events.
Kelsey ran the steeple chase...
She came in 6th - qualifying for an 'All American Award'-Way to end your college running career Kelsey!!
Natasha is a multi-event competitor. She runs the 800, some hurdles, competes in the pentathlon, long jumps and high jumps. She sort of does what coach has her do...but she shines in the jumps and the pentathlon.Natasha and Erika have been room-mates since their freshman year of college. They have spent lots of time together and have gotten to know each other well. Natasha is an incredible athlete ~ yet what I like about her is that she is so humble. She never brags about her success nor talks highly of herself. She cares about others and wants to see others succeed also.I love watching her do the high jump - I think she can jump over me...!Coach and Natasha. He told me once that an athlete like this only comes along once in a blue moon. She won the high jump and the pentathlon (3rd time in a row). I told you she was awesome! You go girl!

Keep an eye out for her - she has been picked up by the Canadian Olympic coach. She is from Canada and we will be watching for her in London 2012!

It's been so much fun to see all of these athletes compete. Sure gonna miss this