Thursday, June 2, 2011


Michelle and I went to Ohio for a couple of daysI've always loved this house ~ it has a huge round window on the side of it. Would love to go in it one day....It always feels like 'coming home' to me. I used to spend my summers there growing up. I spent time on the farm and made good friends. We still have relatives in Ohio and sometimes I dream of moving there (just not sure I could stand the winters...). I love the smell of the earth, and the green landscaping. I don't like all of the bugs! One can not go home without going to the local Dairy Freeze - YUM!Michelle would love to live here too ~ mostly because she could have all of the animals that she wanted. You can tell that she was quite happy wandering around taking pictures of my cousins pets :)The goat who acts like a dog. She follows you where ever you go and always wants to be petted.We didn't have time to ride, we only got to play with the horse for a bit.My Uncle's house is in the woods. He took us on an informative walking tour around his property. I have so many fond memories here. I spent many a summer day swimming in the pond, exploring and playing in the cool treehouse that he built for us.You can't see it real well but there was a momma raccoon and her baby hiding in the tree. Such cute little noises they made.A view of the pond.And the pet raccoon.Some crazy prehistoric looking, snapping turtle that was wandering through the grass. We think it was trying to get to the pond. And there were tame cats to play with too. Doesn't Michelle look like she is having a good time.On Memorial Day we went by the cemetery where my grandfather is buried. All of the veterans had flags by their headstones. It was pretty awe inspiringWe ended our trip with an afternoon visiting our long time friends - the Sullivans. They all just make me laugh and I know we would hang out if I did live back there. We didn't get any pictures of them - but the are featured in Michelle's video below. Hated coming back to busy California!



Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Looks like a lovely trip with lots of furry animals longing to be petted.

Holly said...

Ohio was glad to have you :)