Thursday, August 23, 2012

STILL project

I recently found out about this new documentary film that is currently being made.  Being that I work with and have a passion for families that have lost an infant, I am getting being this project.

STILL is a documentary film project committed to breaking the silence about pregnancy and infant loss.  You can find out more about the film here.  Or if you are willing to share your story with them then this is for you.
They also have a facebook page.

I am looking forward to the finished project.  Anything that we can do to assist grieving families is important.  For so long, infant death has been a silent or taboo topic.  Hopefully, with films such as STILL, parents will finally be able to get support and be able to talk about their babies.


Thursday, August 16, 2012

15 weeks

15 more weeks.
I can do this!
I finished my community health class this week ~ 
I still have 40 hours or so of clinic hours to do but I am getting there.

I only have two more classes until that BSN is mine.
I can almost taste the victory!
I am almost done.
15 more weeks
Two more classes
8 or so major assignments

I don't want to loose my focus, 
but I can hardly stand it.
I want to be done.
 I have learned lots...
I will take a semester off
Then may dive right back in for a MSN~
I need to get through the next 15 weeks though
15 weeks!
Can you tell that I am excited?!?!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

She Said YES!

What a whirlwind weekend this has been~

It started on Saturday with Erika's boyfriend coming to visit us.  Tim wanted "to talk".  Of course I knew what he wanted to talk about.  Tim and Erika have been dating for the past two years.  They met at Biola and the subject of marriage had come up before but they both knew they wanted to finish school first and start jobs, etc.

Tim told us that 'the ring' had finally come in and he wanted our blessing as he thought he might propose that very night.  He planned to take Erika out to one of her favorite restaurants.  He had previously given Erika a dressy dress and he thought he'd play it off that they were just going out for a fancy dinner.  No big deal right?
Of course we gave him our blessings.  Tim is the perfect match for Erika. While she is a big goofy he is more serious.  He is strong and thoughtful and will be a good provider.  They are both athletic, both love the outdoors and obviously they are crazy about each other.  You could tell that from the day they started dating.

So while Erika was getting ready for dinner we helped Tim get some champagne chilled, we dug out the good crystal glasses and packed those for him to take along.  He got ready and we helped him hide the ring box in his sock (you could see it in his pants pocket but not in his sock).  We even took some photos of the dressed up couple before they headed out the door.  I thought for sure that Erika knew what was going on but she later told me that she had no idea.  She thought that Tim just wanted to treat her to a nice dinner out.  He has been traveling for work and only home on the weekends so they haven't been able to spend as much time together the past few weeks.  

While at dinner he told her many of the things that he loves about her.
Got down on one knee and proposed.
And of course she said yes!
She said she told him that he better not be joking when he got down on that one knee...
It wasn't a joke! He wants to marry my daughter.

The following day was spent notifying family and friends.  She did not want any of her good friends to find out via facebook or a blog post so we were all banned from saying anything.  Sunday evening we went out to dinner with Tim's family to celebrate the newly engaged couple. (I adore his family by the way...we are going to have many fun times ahead!)

I stopped by Barnes and Noble and got Erika some bridal magazines and a journal then picked her up some flowers.  Tim and Erika were absolutely glowing despite not having much sleep the night before. 
So now we have a wedding to plan.  Erika doesn't want a big formal wedding and Tim wants to be married within 6-9 months so we have some work ahead of us but it is going to be good work.  Erika will plan a fun wedding and she is going to be an absolutely gorgeous bride.  She has great friends that will help her and will stand up for her in the wedding.  I'm not sure how she is going to decide which friends to be her bridesmaids.  There are so many people that adore Tim and Erika.  I just know it is going to be a blast!
Congratulations to the happy couple!!  May you have years of blessings as you seek to live the lives that God has planned for you.  Tim, thank you for loving my daughter enough to make her your wife.  You are going to be a good husband and son-in-law.  That sure sounds weird but I am glad it is you that is getting that title.  You are loved and welcomed in to our family.  Have fun planning your special day and the rest of your lives together!!
Love you both!!

Sunday, August 5, 2012


It's olympics time!
We are having so much fun watching all of these great athletes.
But is is killing me - I haven't been to bed before midnight since the games have started...
We tune in first thing in the morning (have to watch the 'non-prime' things like women's soccer and other events.)
Erika and I keep watching different events and keeping each other updated.
Some of my favorites have been gymnastics - especially that spunky Gabby!
And beach volleyball !!

Women's soccer ~

All of the swimming events - like this 17 year old from Colorado and of course Michael Phelps!
The synchronized diving was pretty cool too.

And of course the track and field events!
Since I no longer have my own children running track and field I get to cheer all these other runners...oh and don't forget the pole vaulters - I've always had a thing for watching them~


Saturday, August 4, 2012

Pap Test

Pap of those necessary evils that every woman should be having done.  Pap smears are done to test for cancer and any other atypical cells.  Sexually transmitted diseases can also be picked up during a pap smear.
No, I am not informing the world that I had a pap smear done today...but rather I got to do one at clinicals!!  It was so very cool - I saw the cervix right away and was able to take a specimen under the watchful eye of the nurse practitioner that I am working with.

I think she felt I could easily do it since I do speculum exams at work already (we do spec exams in L&D to look at the cervix in preterm labor patients or to collect other types of tests).  The nurse practitioner was doing one test while I was looking over her shoulder and I was asking her some questions when she says,"You want to do the next one??"  I was like - "sure!"

So the next patient was all mine...
I'm not sure why it felt so different to me.  Maybe because the mom was so early in her pregnancy and I was at the clinic instead of in the hospital.  It was just a neat experience.  And of course, if you are not a nurse you probably don't get it but take my word for it  - it was sweet.  I know, it doesn't take much to excite me!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Running in to Patients

I met a friend for dinner...

And who do you think I'd run in to but these sweet little guys.  
Babies whose lives once hung precariously on the line.  
Their mom was one of our long term antepartum patients.
When a patient is stuck in the hospital for many weeks you really get to know them and you celebrate as the babies get to a point where you know that they will do well.
And they become more than just patients ~ they become friends.

This particular patient hung out with us for almost three months.
Months where we were not sure she'd get viable babies.
Months of bedrest and boredom.
Yet, months that were well worth it. 

Jackie delivered a few weeks early but now has two happy, healthy boys.
One looks like daddy, one looks like mommy...
It was so fun running in to these guys unexpectedly tonight.  I have been feeling a bit burnt out at work and questioning my career direction.  You know, just wondering if there is something else I could do.  Something else that I may like more...Thank you Nick and Kimo for reminding me that I do like my job and should keep doing it for awhile longer~

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Alumni Race

 El Modena Alumni Race

Erika and Michelle ran cross country for El Modena high school.  Each year the coach holds an 'alumni race' the first Wednesday of August.  Current runners get a taste of competition and graduates get together for the simple pleasure of running.  Parent supporters like myself go to socialize and cheer on our favorite athletes.

These two happen to be my favorite :)

 The start of the race is always a little crazy but there is no is mostly for fun 

See no pressure at all!

Even our girl pups got in on the run...and they both smiled as they tried to keep up.  This was about the two mile mark and Penny and Syd had just about had it.  I took them at this point, yet they were still pretty excitable as we jogged after the runners. (the best part is they sleep really well after workouts!)

Coming in to the finish~

 I sure miss days like these.  Running was such a part of our lives for so many years...
I always loved to watch my girls compete - even if it was just a race for fun.
I can't wait until little Lily competes in some sport!!