Friday, August 3, 2012

Running in to Patients

I met a friend for dinner...

And who do you think I'd run in to but these sweet little guys.  
Babies whose lives once hung precariously on the line.  
Their mom was one of our long term antepartum patients.
When a patient is stuck in the hospital for many weeks you really get to know them and you celebrate as the babies get to a point where you know that they will do well.
And they become more than just patients ~ they become friends.

This particular patient hung out with us for almost three months.
Months where we were not sure she'd get viable babies.
Months of bedrest and boredom.
Yet, months that were well worth it. 

Jackie delivered a few weeks early but now has two happy, healthy boys.
One looks like daddy, one looks like mommy...
It was so fun running in to these guys unexpectedly tonight.  I have been feeling a bit burnt out at work and questioning my career direction.  You know, just wondering if there is something else I could do.  Something else that I may like more...Thank you Nick and Kimo for reminding me that I do like my job and should keep doing it for awhile longer~

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