Sunday, August 5, 2012


It's olympics time!
We are having so much fun watching all of these great athletes.
But is is killing me - I haven't been to bed before midnight since the games have started...
We tune in first thing in the morning (have to watch the 'non-prime' things like women's soccer and other events.)
Erika and I keep watching different events and keeping each other updated.
Some of my favorites have been gymnastics - especially that spunky Gabby!
And beach volleyball !!

Women's soccer ~

All of the swimming events - like this 17 year old from Colorado and of course Michael Phelps!
The synchronized diving was pretty cool too.

And of course the track and field events!
Since I no longer have my own children running track and field I get to cheer all these other runners...oh and don't forget the pole vaulters - I've always had a thing for watching them~


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Cartoon Characters said...

I have posted a couple of Olympics, we were bummed with the soccer game.

Also Missy....she is actually Canadian... :( so bummed she didn't choose to swim for Canada......

We can watch live stream here in Canada...we have at least 6 different stations for Olympics so it's great bouncing around looking at everything....not having to wait for prime time... :) That NBC you have, that's cruel!