Monday, January 28, 2013

Getting Closer

The wedding of these two lovebirds is fast approaching...

Erika seems quite relaxed.
Me - not so much...
I keep thinking of all of the things that we still need to accomplish.
Hopefully going to connect with a florist tomorrow.
I still need a dress.
Lily needs shoes.
We need to plan a shower.
But at least the engagement photos are finished.
They did two photo shoots.  The first two photos were done by Michelle (my daughter) and Erika used some of those shots for her wedding invitations.

The ones to follow are from the photographer who is shooting their wedding.
His name is Ivan Chen and Tim knows him from Biola / Talbot.

You can see more of the official photos at Ivan's blog site.
We think they are pretty cute.
And now I'm off to order some shower invitations~

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Need a Day Off

Whew - this has been a crazy week...I knew going in to it that it was going to be a tough one.  But, I didn't expect the baby factory to be exploding!!

I worked Monday and Tuesday...I don't think that I sat down for more than 5 minutes at a time...there were just so many babies!

Wednesday I attended the Orange Co. Women's and Children's Palliative Care Conference at UCI medical center.  It was a good day of learning and networking with other professionals in the area who want to care for sick and often dying infants.  I found that so many of the things we already do...we even talked about holding our own conference...
For some reason, I come home more tired after sitting all day in an auditorium than I do when running around the unit for 12 hours.  I wonder why that is?

I worked again today ~ Still busy... and I was so frustrated this morning that I wasn't able to assist a baby out vaginally...we tried for something like 3 hours, only to have the mommy end up in the c/section room.  I felt like such a failure and was so frustrated that things just weren't happening despite my best and most creative interventions.  Once I saw the baby though...and realized that she was not presenting in the normal fashion, I felt a bit better.  Babies are supposed to face the mom's back side - not face upwards...and this one just didn't fit.  Thankfully mom and baby were healthy and the parents were just glad to finally be holding their infant.
The rest of the day just continued to fall apart...with lots of patients and frustrating moments...

So, I am home tonight ~ anxious to rest and sleep in tomorrow morning.  I need a break! Next week is looking to be just as busy so I will take the day and catch up.  Sometimes I wonder how I ever fit school and homework in to the midst of this craziness!!
Tired me~

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Caring while in Church

I was listening to our pastor preach today.
He was just starting to say something about the sanctity of human life...
When out of the corner of my eye I saw an elderly gentlemen on the other side of church, stand up and start to head to the back of the church.
The man behind him also stood up with him.

The nurse in me saw that something wasn't right and he looked as if he wasn't feeling I headed his way.  As I got to him he was headed down so we assisted him to the floor at the back of the church.  (we never made it out of the church)

I assessed him, and another nurse as well as a police office joined me.
He never did loose consciousness though he was faint, pale, and his skin was cool and clammy.

I didn't really do a whole lot, just reassured him until paramedics arrived, checked his pulse and kept him as comfortable as I could.
 Oh and I took off my sweater to make him a pillow (that was probably the biggest nursing thing I did for him!)

Our pastor finished up his sermon - though I didn't hear another word he said for I was in a different place even though I was still in the same room.  I needed to concentrate on what was at hand and make a plan if I needed to react or provide any type of advanced care.  Could I do CPR if I needed to?  Would I know what to do to keep him safe?  I deliver babies...but 80 year old men are a different type of patient....could I care for him?

I was surprised how the nurse in me just kicks in.  I wasn't nervous...I'd say I was focused and just cared for him as I needed to.

Things remained calm and help arrived.

It was good for me to see our emergency supply know where it is and to know that we have an airway and AED if I were to need it.

I was just glad I was there at the right time...
My pastor thanked me as did the elderly gentleman's wife.  But, like I said...I didn't really do much.  Guess it just reassures people to know that someone could help if that help were needed.  It was an interesting morning.  Never thought I'd be providing care while in church ~

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Opening Soon!

Last night I got to take a sneak peak at our new mother baby unit at a special ribbon cutting ceremony.
The unit is not quite open but it will be soon~
It is beautiful!!

And I must admit ~ I am a bit jealous that our unit isn't as new and updated, yet I am so excited for the nurses that do work there.   The patients are going to love it too.
There will be 30 some private rooms
State of the art equipment
A NICU on the same floor (the sickest babies will still get transferred next door though).
Plus - the plan is to make all of our antepartum rooms private since the opening of this unit is going to increase our bed capacity.

I can't wait to start transferring patients to the new unit.

Nurses station

Part of the nursery (babies mostly room in with their parents but on an occasion a mom may want a nap and this is a safe place for someone to keep an eye on the baby). And it is super cute.  Even has decorative ceiling tiles.

The unit color scheme is warm and relaxing

Here's a sample of a room all set up and ready to welcome it's first family (though it looks like some of us were already sitting on the bed - oops!)

The rooms have a special sink for the baby's first bath.  Our babies do not get bathed until they are a few hours old.  This helps them to stay warmer.  The bathing area in each room will allow for the parents to be more involved with this special ritual.

Spa like showers.

The best part - dedicated, caring staff who want to make each birth special

 The nurses are not only smart, with good clinical skills...they are fun too!

I'm so glad that our women's services department is getting some upgrading.  I'm sure the patients will appreciate the extra attention as they choose to deliver with us.  Such exciting times!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Decision Made

It took me awhile to make my decision regarding the adjunct teaching position at Cal Baptist University.  It was something that I really wanted and I felt that I would like it and it would be a new challenge.  The fact that they came to me gave me a stroke of confidence and I felt somewhat empowered to dive right in and try it out.
I like higher education.
I was excited to think that I could work with students and share my knowledge.

I spent 7 out of 8 days at the hospital between my crazy work schedule, meetings and working an extra I was starting to feel tired and in need of a day off.
One of my daughter's bridesmaids called me to ask about scheduling in a shower for Erika....and I struggled to find a free day...
Dear hubby called to ask about what day we could schedule our tax appointment for this year and I only had 2 or 3 free days in February.
I am already scheduled for many Tuesdays so would need to switch all of those days around to get the day off to add in this new job.

My stress level started to go up...I could feel it and I thought, "What the heck am I even thinking of taking on something extra right now?"
Yes, the extra money would have been nice...but "do I really need to add on a third job right now with the wedding coming and all?"

So ~ I decided to turn down the position for this semester.  The semester starts next Tuesday and I felt it was just too much.
I really feel like I need a bit of a break from the crazy past couple of years of going to school and working.

I want to research master's programs.
I want to get my house in order (yes, the finishing touches are still not done from our's been a year).
I want to enjoy the wedding planning.
I want to go to the PLIDA (Pregnancy Loss Infant Death Alliance) conference in April.
I want to concentrate on my current positions.

I am a little bummed.  I feel a little disappointed that I couldn't take on another thing. 
The position was something I know that I would have liked.  I feel bad for saying "No".  

Yet, I do feel like I made the right decision.  It just is not the right time in my life.  I'm not saying no to teaching in the future...just not this semester.  I could hear the disappointment in the director's voice when I said "No"...but she understood my reasons (I think).

They reassured me that fall semester is just around the corner and asked if I'd consider them there is always that opportunity...I'm just going to have to sit tight and wait until the timing is right.
I know the best job for me will come along.

It is weird...I feel a little directionless right now.  I already miss school and the friends I made there.  I'm not sure what I want to do for the rest of my career.  I want to make a difference and do something worthwhile.  Guess I'm feeling a little restless and just trying to figure 'me' out.  (don't you think I'd have already done that at my age??)

On a brighter note ~ as I'm sitting here feeling a little bummed about my decision ~ My new business cards came in.  We have a new logo and new colors to go with that logo...and I added some letters behind my name.  I like the new cards. They are brighter and make me feel better.


Sunday, January 6, 2013

Decisions, Decisions

I have to decide what to do... I didn't search this out, rather it came to me.
I never went on line looking for another job, nor did I contact the staff to inquire about positions.

And now I'm having a tough time deciding what to do...

Staff from Cal Baptist University have asked me to come on as an adjunct professor to teach clinicals for obstetrics.
I am honored, and it is something that I would probably really like doing, yet I can't decided whether to take the job or not.
It is only one day a week - an extra 12 hour shift.

Yes, I'd love to share my knowledge and help grow new nurses.
I sort of think that I want to teach in the future...and this would be a good way to find out if I even like teaching.

It would be different from actually working on the unit for the students would be assigned to a nurse and I'd just be overseeing them and being sure they are learning what they need to learn.  So in a way it would be less stress (once I got familiar with the unit).

I keep thinking that I went back to school for a reason.  I furthered my own education for some reason ~ right?  Maybe this is God's way of saying that He wants to use me in another role.
I love higher education.
I love the stimulation of being on a campus and learning new things.
I didn't search out this sort of found me.
I know this universities mission statement would fit in with my own life...

But do I really want to take on another job?
Do I want to have to drive out of my way to go to a different facility?
Could I succeed at this?

So I need to put my thoughts in to positives and negatives and try to make a decision for the semester starts in a week.

They came to me - not the other way around.
I like students.
I like sharing my knowledge.
I like higher education.
It would help me see if I really want to teach in the future and give me a direction for my master's.
It would be extra money (which I could use right now with planning Erika's wedding and all).
I would learn new things as I'd be in a different facility where they may do things differently.
It would look great on a resume'.
It is only a 16 week commitment.  If I hated it I wouldn't have to recommit in the fall.
I like the campus.
I know some of the undergrad students at Cal Baptist.

It would tie me down to another job.
It is a bit of a drive (30 minutes at the least).
It is at a different facility that I am not familiar with.
I might hate it.
It means a whole other day of working (when I sort of just wanted time to myself for a change.  Ok that sounds really selfish!).
I'd have to get up early for I'd need to be there before 0630.
I'd have to change my current work schedule around to get every Tuesday off.
I want to travel, plan Erika's wedding and kick back for a moment, you know - take a breather after working so hard the last couple of years going to school and doing all of that homework...not take on another commitment...

Decisions, decisions.
Sometimes I wish someone would just tell me what to do.....