Monday, January 28, 2013

Getting Closer

The wedding of these two lovebirds is fast approaching...

Erika seems quite relaxed.
Me - not so much...
I keep thinking of all of the things that we still need to accomplish.
Hopefully going to connect with a florist tomorrow.
I still need a dress.
Lily needs shoes.
We need to plan a shower.
But at least the engagement photos are finished.
They did two photo shoots.  The first two photos were done by Michelle (my daughter) and Erika used some of those shots for her wedding invitations.

The ones to follow are from the photographer who is shooting their wedding.
His name is Ivan Chen and Tim knows him from Biola / Talbot.

You can see more of the official photos at Ivan's blog site.
We think they are pretty cute.
And now I'm off to order some shower invitations~

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