Sunday, February 3, 2013

5 Years Old

Five years ago this week ~

this sweet little girl graced us with her presence.
We did not know if she was going to be a boy or a girl.
I can remember the moment vividly when my son came out of the delivery room carrying his new baby and telling us she was a little girl.
We loved her from the start!

 I wasn't ready to be called "Grandma" so we settled on a version of the Spanish word for Grandma which is "Abuelita".  Ever since that day Lily has called me, "Lita".
Though I wasn't ready for the grand title...I sure was ready for this cute little baby!
She tugged at my heart, and my love for her has grown deeper each day.

 Lily is sweet and caring.
She adores babies.
She is smart - often too smart for words....
She takes charge and is a natural born leader
 (often telling the group what to do and what is next).
She loves animals (her favorites are dogs and horses).
She loves to go to Disneyland with us.
She can ride a scooter like no other.
She can ride a bike without training wheels.
She loves her gymnastics class.
She has many friends.
She is funny and keeps us laughing.
She is in to makeup.
She loves all things princess.
She loves her dolls.
She is going to be the cutest flower girl in her Auntie's wedding.
We are so glad that she came to be a part of our family!

 Her choice for her birthday dinner: Rainforest Cafe.
So we celebrated Lily and her fifth birthday in style.
She chose her favorite meal...mac n' cheese.
Then of course she had a "VOLCANO!" for dessert.
Yes, She shared it with the rest of us.

When you are five, the best part about a party is of course the gifts:

Your Lita loves you more than you will ever know.
I know that you are going to grow up in to a strong young woman.
Never loose your caring attitude and your love for adventure.
Mostly - never stop being funny
Even if picking an apes nose isn't what most little girls do...

 Happy 5th birthday to you!
Your favorite Lita

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