Saturday, February 9, 2013

Growing My Own

There is a common saying in nursing that you cannot retire or quit until you "grow your own".
It would be nice if your own daughter, niece, or granddaughter would choose to go in to nursing.
In that way the profession does not die out and you have generations of nurses in one family...

So the other day, Lily was supposed to be practicing her letters.
When we looked this is what she had drawn:
When I asked what it was she told me it was a heart beat.  Duh!!
Now, I've never taught her this so I was surprised that she actually drew it and it is a pretty good rendering of an EKG.

Of course, I got all excited and told her that I thought she could grow up to be a nurse.
If she already draws such good heart rate rhythms then she could be an ICU nurse or 
even a flight nurse.
I told her that I always wanted to be a flight nurse so maybe she would like that.
How exciting would that be?!?!?

Her response to me:
"NO Lita! I want to be the carpet in the Aladdin show!"

 So much for growing my own.
Guess her gymnastic lessons will be put to good use....

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Candi said...

Now THAT is funny!! I mean to want to be the carpet, not the princess, that's priceless.