Friday, November 21, 2008


Erika running at the regionals up in Fresno - she ran really well in this race. She loves the course up there...
Yes, they made the cut. Yes, they run fast and look good while running. Yes, they are freezing back in Wisconsin right now (it snowed yesterday during their run). Yes, they are having fun - even if they are freezing. Yes, I am so proud of them. The Biola cross country girls team made it to Nationals!

No, I didn't get to go!! I am soooo bummed! I wanted to be there to watch them run and to cheer for them. I had it all planned out and was going to take a little mini vacation but it just wasn't meant to be. So now I have to sit and wait to hear the results of the race. But my thoughts are definitely with them...I'm just warmer :)
Good luck Biola girls and David too! But most of all - have fun!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Southern California Fires

I'm sure you all have seen the images of fire here in Southern California. The images are amazing and the smoke and smell even more so. I know a few people who have lost homes or have damaged homes but thankfully no one I know was injured in the fires!
Erika also has many friends who attend Westmont College in Santa Barbara. The runners there are good friends with the runners at when word came that the school was on fire, it really hit home for us. Then word came that the coach from Westmont has lost his house. So, an email was sent to us - as a way to help our friends.
Please read the email that I've copied below and help if you can...

Fire Relief for Westmont College Community
The students, faculty, and staff of Westmont College could certainly use
some immediate help as they rebuild and rebound from the Tea Fire that has
caused considerable damage to their campus and the surrounding community.
In a simple and hopefully effective effort to provide some assistance to
the many in need, we would like to encourage you all to consider either
purchasing a gift card or providing financial assistance to purchasing of
gift cards for these stores - (confirmed to be local and frequented by the
faculty, staff, & students of Westmont College).

Bed, Bath & Beyond
Home Depot
Smart & Final

These timely contributions will then be forward to Coach Russell Smelley
at Westmont.

Mail or deliver cards or contributions to:
Coach Jonathan Zimmerman
Biola University -Athletics
13800 Biola Avenue
La Mirada, California 90639-0001

Coach Zimmerman's campus mailbox is in the KHPE Office (For those with
walk-in contributions.)

If you would like to donate directly online to the relief fund please see
the information provided below.

Westmont Wildfire Relief Fund

On November 13, 2008, the Santa Barbara Tea fire reached Westmont
college's campus. All Westmont College students, faculty, staff and guests
are safe and well, and most buildings are intact less than 24 hours after
a wildfire raced through campus.

In response to this emergency the college has established a wildfire
relief fund. Those wishing to contribute may do so by making a check
payable to Westmont College and addressed to Westmont College / Wildfire
Relief. Or you may do so [


Thursday, November 6, 2008

Gimp and Gimpee

We all know that Buzz has been a little awkward lately as he has learned to walk on part of a foot and to wear weird shoes vs. shoes that he likes or are somewhat stylish. But now, on top of his learning to re-walk...I think I have a hairline fracture on my foot. So, I'm ace wrapping it and taking motrin to cut down on the inflammation and swelling. Now I'm limping too. What a sight we must have been when we went out today! Gimp and Gimpee...GREAT!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

What a Secret

How does one go through a pregnancy keeping it a secret? Don't people care enough to notice a swollen belly? Doesn't one think they may need to see a doctor? Is a person really that isolated? Does she not have any friends? Any adult that she can go to? I guess not when you are 17 and pregnant and scared ---you can hide these things...until homecoming...until the dress doesn't fit...until someone finally notices...but is it too late? One shows up in labor, is the baby OK?, when is it due?,will it hurt? All I can do is provide care and pray for the best. Encourage the mommy to stay in school, encourage her single father to still love her and not cast her out, encourage the boyfriend to stay in school yet support his girlfriend and new baby. Encourage the family to take notice. Encourage the family to pay attention, encourage someone to love the new baby and her mommy...but do I really make a difference in 12 short hours? Sure, I can take care of the pain and get them an epidural but does any of that really matter in the long run? Will she go back to school, will she have resources to provide for her baby? Will she and the boyfriend stay together? Will she get a car seat before she goes home? Will she have clothes, diapers, friends? Will she go to PROM? Will she go to college?
She did not deliver before I left work. I hope things are OK, I hope the baby is term, I hope there are no defects, I hope she finds hope...
And on another note - one of our 'special' patients delivered today...the baby has problems, the baby got transferred to the children's hospital but it was alive and doing better than many of us thought that he would. I do enjoy being at work when these patients come in and enjoy being able to see the patients that we have had conferences on...just helps to close the book on someone you've met and and gotten to know and I think it helps them to see a familiar face. Someone who knows their history so that they do not have to try to tell it all again. But sometimes I wonder why God does the things he does??? And all I can do is pray that the baby does OK.
And my last thought for the day - how come a Sunday is so crazy busy? - like 14-15 patients most of the day. It used to be the Sundays were nice days to work but now a days it just seems like anyother day of the week. But I finally have a day off tomorrow!!! My first whole day off in 7 days. So how do I plan to spend it?? Early voting and catching up on my homework. But I am sleeping in! And trying to put today behind me....