Thursday, July 28, 2011

OC Fair

My daughter Michelle takes some of the cutest pictures and makes such fun videos. I love to take her places for she is so good at documenting what we are doing.
Things like going to the fair!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July!!
I hope that you have had a wonderful day ~ hopefully off of work ~ celebrating our great country where we have so many freedoms.

I didn't do very much, but it was great sleeping in and hanging at home for the first part of the day.
Then I made my world famous flag cake. Ok maybe it isn't world famous but it is easy and yummy.

Buzz and I went to my parents for a bar-b-q. It was just my parents, my brother in law and the two of us. It is so weird to have the family shrinking. All of the kids had other places to be. So we ate and socialized and enjoyed our adult time together.

We can still do fireworks at my parents house. They live on a street where everyone sits out on the curb and shoots off their fireworks. It is a very festive time, and it is sort of our tradition to spend the 4th at mom and dad's. But this year we didn't even stay for the fun. Dad has recently had surgery and we didn't feel it would be good for him to be exposed to all of the smoke.

And our dog ~ the poor 90 pounds of love ~ is so scared of all of the noise. Her tail has been between her legs for two days. We got home and she ran right up to my room and has been hanging out here with me since then. I actually came upstairs to watch T.V. just so I could comfort her. We can hear all of the fireworks, can see the ones from Angels stadium, but are choosing to be quiet in our own little world tonight. I know - boring right?! But, I sort of like it.

Hope you have had exactly the type of day that makes you happy!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Now I'm Sure

I finished! I finished! Can't believe I acutally finished this class!!
And I am ever so happy.
I wasn't sure I'd live to see the end of the class.
My final paper, which was to be at least 10 pages in length - ended up being 17...(over achiever wouldn't you say?)
I still don't know my grade. I know I passed and that is all that really matters.
Thank goodness that class is over~