Sunday, January 20, 2013

Caring while in Church

I was listening to our pastor preach today.
He was just starting to say something about the sanctity of human life...
When out of the corner of my eye I saw an elderly gentlemen on the other side of church, stand up and start to head to the back of the church.
The man behind him also stood up with him.

The nurse in me saw that something wasn't right and he looked as if he wasn't feeling I headed his way.  As I got to him he was headed down so we assisted him to the floor at the back of the church.  (we never made it out of the church)

I assessed him, and another nurse as well as a police office joined me.
He never did loose consciousness though he was faint, pale, and his skin was cool and clammy.

I didn't really do a whole lot, just reassured him until paramedics arrived, checked his pulse and kept him as comfortable as I could.
 Oh and I took off my sweater to make him a pillow (that was probably the biggest nursing thing I did for him!)

Our pastor finished up his sermon - though I didn't hear another word he said for I was in a different place even though I was still in the same room.  I needed to concentrate on what was at hand and make a plan if I needed to react or provide any type of advanced care.  Could I do CPR if I needed to?  Would I know what to do to keep him safe?  I deliver babies...but 80 year old men are a different type of patient....could I care for him?

I was surprised how the nurse in me just kicks in.  I wasn't nervous...I'd say I was focused and just cared for him as I needed to.

Things remained calm and help arrived.

It was good for me to see our emergency supply know where it is and to know that we have an airway and AED if I were to need it.

I was just glad I was there at the right time...
My pastor thanked me as did the elderly gentleman's wife.  But, like I said...I didn't really do much.  Guess it just reassures people to know that someone could help if that help were needed.  It was an interesting morning.  Never thought I'd be providing care while in church ~

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