Sunday, January 6, 2013

Decisions, Decisions

I have to decide what to do... I didn't search this out, rather it came to me.
I never went on line looking for another job, nor did I contact the staff to inquire about positions.

And now I'm having a tough time deciding what to do...

Staff from Cal Baptist University have asked me to come on as an adjunct professor to teach clinicals for obstetrics.
I am honored, and it is something that I would probably really like doing, yet I can't decided whether to take the job or not.
It is only one day a week - an extra 12 hour shift.

Yes, I'd love to share my knowledge and help grow new nurses.
I sort of think that I want to teach in the future...and this would be a good way to find out if I even like teaching.

It would be different from actually working on the unit for the students would be assigned to a nurse and I'd just be overseeing them and being sure they are learning what they need to learn.  So in a way it would be less stress (once I got familiar with the unit).

I keep thinking that I went back to school for a reason.  I furthered my own education for some reason ~ right?  Maybe this is God's way of saying that He wants to use me in another role.
I love higher education.
I love the stimulation of being on a campus and learning new things.
I didn't search out this sort of found me.
I know this universities mission statement would fit in with my own life...

But do I really want to take on another job?
Do I want to have to drive out of my way to go to a different facility?
Could I succeed at this?

So I need to put my thoughts in to positives and negatives and try to make a decision for the semester starts in a week.

They came to me - not the other way around.
I like students.
I like sharing my knowledge.
I like higher education.
It would help me see if I really want to teach in the future and give me a direction for my master's.
It would be extra money (which I could use right now with planning Erika's wedding and all).
I would learn new things as I'd be in a different facility where they may do things differently.
It would look great on a resume'.
It is only a 16 week commitment.  If I hated it I wouldn't have to recommit in the fall.
I like the campus.
I know some of the undergrad students at Cal Baptist.

It would tie me down to another job.
It is a bit of a drive (30 minutes at the least).
It is at a different facility that I am not familiar with.
I might hate it.
It means a whole other day of working (when I sort of just wanted time to myself for a change.  Ok that sounds really selfish!).
I'd have to get up early for I'd need to be there before 0630.
I'd have to change my current work schedule around to get every Tuesday off.
I want to travel, plan Erika's wedding and kick back for a moment, you know - take a breather after working so hard the last couple of years going to school and doing all of that homework...not take on another commitment...

Decisions, decisions.
Sometimes I wish someone would just tell me what to do.....


Frazzled-Razzle-RN said...

Let me start off by saying that I love love love your pro/con list!
Secondly how awesome are you… right!!!!! Good for you and congrats on being chosen, how does it feel?
After reading your pros/cons you have a tough decision to make indeed. Here's my advice (please take it with a grain of salt), if this is a God-thing aka gift from above, ask him for more confirmation and direction.
I think that if this opportunity fell into your lap now, then surely there will be another opportunity later if you do chose to relax a bit with the day off.
One thing I've learned thus far is that there never ISN'T a need for nurses/CNAs. Job security seems pretty legit and something you can count on.
Either way the opportunity sounds like an adventure and I'll be thinking and checking back to see what you decide.

LauraT said...

If you gave a limited commitment that you could then re-evaluate to see if you wanted to continue then you have an endpoint if you hate it or are too stressed out by the whole situation. That being said, a knowledgeable, caring and conscientious teacher is a gem to students who really want to learn. To your potential students, they would argue that your "positive" list far outweighs the negative list!
God will show you as you ask for his direction.