Friday, December 28, 2012

Guest Post

no time to blog so I'm letting Kathryn Norcutt from RNnetwork write for me tonight...

From High School into Nursing
Kathryn Norcutt has been an active member of the health care community for over 20 years.  During her time as a nurse, she has helped people from all walks of life and ages. Now, Kathryn leads a much less hectic life and devotes much of her 
free time to writing for RNnetwork, a site specializing in traveling nursing jobs.

Before the medical field exploded with the dawn of newer and more diverse technologies, the choices that a young nursing candidate had were fairly limited.  Nursing in previous generations blanketed the entire healthcare spectrum that today has been broken down into many degrees and certifications.   Fields like physical therapy, anesthesia, cardiac care, emergency room and so forth, are not only specialized but are in high demand.   Something a current high school nursing candidate should really consider when thinking about their future career.   With all of these niche certifications available, a prudent question to ask yourself would be: Do you receive your training and degree through a traditional four-year-college or would it behoove you to reduce the time and expense of college and get started even earlier.   Numerous options abound with healthcare, from flexible schedules, part-time and temporary work to traveling nursing jobs.  The best part? You can begin your journey into the medical field, before you graduate from high school. 

How? Let’s take a look at the steps to get your nursing dreams started.
  •        High School: It’s never too early to start looking into your future, even though your fellow classmates are more worried about what they are going to wear for the Friday night football game than what they’ll be doing in ten years, this doesn’t have to be true for you.   You can start working towards that nursing degree while still enrolled in high school.  Get online and search an online program aptly called, “Jump Start” where you can begin earning credit towards your nursing degree as early as your junior year.   Before you start the admissions process, you must sign a “Letter of Intent” and make an appointment with your guidance counselor to discuss your career plans.  Once they determine that you are in fact ready to start they can grant permission for you to begin the nursing courses.  Another critical piece of the nursing admissions equation will be your SAT scores, you must earn a combined total of 1100 (Math and Critical Reading) in order to qualify as well as a 2.7 GPA.  An additional exam is the TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills); this will test a prospective nursing school candidate on their knowledge of a variety of subjects.  Among these subjects are; mathematics, science, English and language usage.  If this seems a bit overwhelming, don’t worry, you are already a huge step ahead of the game.  You have completed half the battle and you’re still wearing braces!
  •        LPN vs. RN: From this point on, your life will be filled with many acronyms and abbreviations, so you better start getting used to it.  Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN’s) perform basic care and some administrative duties (usually under the supervision of a Registered Nurse). LPN programs generally run 12 months and you can earn your certification through a few different options here; online, community college or technical colleges.  Prospective nursing students can also earn an Associate Degree in nursing (ADN) or a 4-year Bachelor of Science Degree (BSN) through an accredited program.  Courses here would include; chemistry, physiology, anatomy and psychology as well as hands on training through a supervised instructor.  
  •        Licensing: ALL students who have completed a hospital nursing program, ADN or BSN degree must pass their state’s licensing requirements.  Those who want to earn their Registered Nursing certifications must pass the NCLEX-RN.  Once you’ve completed these basic requirements don’t forget that the career path of nursing offers many specialized certifications and degrees.  Another option is to look into the American Nurses Association as well as the American Nurses Credentialing Center.  Started in 1991, they have had over 250,000 nurses receive their credentials.   This organization’s creed is defined as “a means of measuring competency and the identification of competent nurses that will promote the public welfare for quality in health care”.  Another echelon of the American Nursing Associations is the American Association of Critical Care Nurses (AACN) this would include adult critical care, neonatal and pediatric critical care.   If critical care is not your field of interest, some additional options include specialization certifications in diabetes education, gastroenterology, HIV/AIDS, infectious disease, OB/GYN, pain management and respiratory therapy.  Again, you are not limited by fields or bricks and mortar, even.  Let’s say, you are seeking a career in nursing but are also interested in exploring the world while you are still young and unmarried? Perhaps a career as a traveling nurse would appeal? Imagine doing what you love all while experiencing a different culture and seeing sights of antiquity!  

At the end of the day, looking into the nursing field is one that offers many unique opportunities.  By getting a head start, you can not only earn your certification two years earlier, but also earn a critical foothold into the healthcare industry.  With all the many certifications available, you can easily find that perfect job that gives you not only a varied selection of interesting work but also a respectable purpose in life.  A win-win on all accounts.


Lee Cool said...

Paulinho confirms Tottenham interest
Agen Bola reported, Brazil midfielder Paulinho has confirmed that Tottenham have made a transfer bid to Corinthians in the hope of signing him.
The 24-year-old is currently in Brazil with his national team at the FIFA Confederations Cup, but he did not play in his country’s 4-2 win over Italy on Saturday due to an ankle injury.
Paulinho has a reported release clause of 17 million pounds and reports in the media had suggested that Tottenham had met the club’s valuation.
And Paulinho himself confirmed that the Premier League club had made the bid, while adding that he would wait before deciding on his future.
“There is an official offer from Tottenham to Corinthinans but, as I did when there was an Inter Milan offer, I’ll sit and decide with my family before I make any decision,” Paulinho said following Brazil’s latest win.
“And I will only do it after the Confederations Cup because it’s hard to deal with all these things.”asreported byIndo Eleven.
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De la Torre pleased despite Mexico exit
Agen Bola reported, Mexico coach Jose Manuel de la Torre was pleased with his players after they ended their Confederations Cup campaign with a win over Japan.
A brace from Manchester United star Javier Hernandez was enough to secure a 2-1 victory for the Mexicans in Brazil, while Japan scored an 86th-minute consolation from Shinji Okazaki.
Neither side were able to progress from Group A, with Brazil and Italy moving into the semi-finals, but de la Torre was pleased with his side’s win in Belo Horizonte.
“The team did very well today, we put together some good moves and managed to score,” de la Torre said.
“That’s what stood out for me, as well as my players’ constant fighting spirit. I’m confident this team will continue developing. “It’s good to leave on a high note.”
Japan coach Alberto Zaccheroni, meanwhile, said his players were tired after their epic 4-3 loss to Italy on Thursday.asreported byIndo Eleven.
Japan, who have already booked their place at the 2014 World Cup, finished bottom of Group A without a point.
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Rodgers praises Mignolet, insists Reina has Liverpool future
Agen Bola reported, Brendan Rodgers insists the possible signing of Simon Mignolet from Sunderland does not signal the end of Pepe Reina’s Liverpool career.
Liverpool boss Rodgers has spoken of his admiration for 24-year-old Mignolet amid reports that the two clubs have agreed a fee for the highly-rated goalkeeper.
Reina’s future has been the subject of much debate in recent weeks after being linked with a return to Barcelona, but Rodgers is adamant the Spain international, who is currently away at the FIFA Confederations Cup, is still part of his plans for next season.
Rodgers told talkSPORT: “One of the things we’re trying to build is a competitive squad.
“Our squad was very thin last year and it was great we were able to introduce a few young players from our academy but it’s very important that we have competition in every position and that wasn’t always the case.
“Pepe Reina and I went out for a meal a couple of months before the end of the season and I told him exactly what we were going to do, which was to provide real competition in that area.
“He was fully aware of my intention over the course of the last few months. It certainly wouldn’t be a surprise to Pepe.
“Pepe is a fantastic goalkeeper but Simon Mignolet is a player that has done really well. He’s also part of an emerging Belgium squad that has come into a golden era. He’s very much a part of that.
“When you work with Pepe, he’s a great man. A very committed man to the club and he’s an outstanding goalkeeper.”asreported byIndo Eleven.
Reina has played more than 300 times for Liverpool in all competitions after joining from Villarreal in 2005.
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