Sunday, December 2, 2012

Final BSN Paper

It is turned in.
My change project paper is finished and sent to the instructor.
I'm excited.
I'm nervous.
I can't believe that I am this close to being done.

My plans had been to finish the paper yesterday.  I did not have anything on my schedule.
So while dear hubby continued to paint and do needed home repairs, I worked on my paper.
Then I got one of those phone calls....and spent the afternoon / evening with my father in the emergency room (thank goodness for good friends who work in the ER and can help to bypass the waiting room of people....)
Dad was passing a kidney stone and is better today but it did sort of mess with my paper writing plans.
Remember the last time I was working on an assignment and got the call that Erika was in a car accident?
Just great reminders of where my priorities need to be....of course they are with family.

Anyways - I was able to get an on-call from work today and tackled that last paper.
It is finished.
I only have two more weeks left of school.
One last power point presentation to do on my change project
And I will have a BSN.

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Azmomo2 said...

very exciting!! I finish my ADN program on the 13 of December officially... then BSN program starts in January... I am already dreading all the paper writing.

Congrats to you!!!