Saturday, December 22, 2012

Hearts are Sad ~

I was working today when I took the phone call.
It was a tough call to receive...and I could hardly believe what the caller told me.
I still can't quite wrap my head around it.

Our unit is very tight knit.  Even though there are many employees, we are truly like one big family.  So when one hurts, we all hurt.

Today I received word that one of our beloved physicians passed away unexpectedly.
He was young and physically fit.
It should not have been him.
He had gone for a run this morning then came home and collapsed.  The paramedics attempted to revive him but they were unsuccessful...

So today our hearts are sad.
It just hurts so much.
The unit is definitely in mourning...the grief is so palpable that you can feel it.  We mass called and texted those we could and others got the word and started calling us.  Everyone is in shock and I answered so many calls that started with - "Is it true???"

Dr T was one of the best.  He was kind and caring.  He may have gotten frustrated but he never yelled at us and sort of just 'went with the flow'.
He has helped to bring so many babies in to this world.
He was a caring physician.
He was a good man.
He leaves behind a wife and two adult children.

I can't believe that I am never going to see him round the corner again.
Never going to hear him say "Hey Deb. How's your day going today?"
Never going to see his twinkling blue eyes or hear him talk about wanting to be outside enjoying the sun.

I am going to miss you Dr T!
You were not just one of the physicians...I can honestly say you were a friend.
May you rest in peace, knowing the we all loved you!

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