Thursday, December 13, 2012

Anticlimatic Finish

I am finished ~
I can't believe that I am done.
I have worked hard and now have my BSN.
A Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
It almost seems unreal.
This is where I have spent every Tuesday night for the past two years.
I have made new friends and increased my knowledge on my  chosen profession

The end of the program was very anticlimatic
I went to class - excited and proud to be done
We had power point presentations to present on our change project.
The faculty came in to congratulate us
Then class was over.
It was just over.
I tried to get my cohort to go out and celebrate.
But only two other students wanted to go.
There was no fanfare and life just goes on.
We don't get to have our nurses pinning nor walk in cap and gown until May.
So yes, I am finished.
I am excited in my own way - even though I haven't really celebrated.
It is just a wierd anticlimatic end.
But now I can sign my name:

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Frazzled-Razzle-RN said...

Yahoo, Congrats! Those initials looks pretty darn fancy if you ask me!