Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Opening Soon!

Last night I got to take a sneak peak at our new mother baby unit at a special ribbon cutting ceremony.
The unit is not quite open but it will be soon~
It is beautiful!!

And I must admit ~ I am a bit jealous that our unit isn't as new and updated, yet I am so excited for the nurses that do work there.   The patients are going to love it too.
There will be 30 some private rooms
State of the art equipment
A NICU on the same floor (the sickest babies will still get transferred next door though).
Plus - the plan is to make all of our antepartum rooms private since the opening of this unit is going to increase our bed capacity.

I can't wait to start transferring patients to the new unit.

Nurses station

Part of the nursery (babies mostly room in with their parents but on an occasion a mom may want a nap and this is a safe place for someone to keep an eye on the baby). And it is super cute.  Even has decorative ceiling tiles.

The unit color scheme is warm and relaxing

Here's a sample of a room all set up and ready to welcome it's first family (though it looks like some of us were already sitting on the bed - oops!)

The rooms have a special sink for the baby's first bath.  Our babies do not get bathed until they are a few hours old.  This helps them to stay warmer.  The bathing area in each room will allow for the parents to be more involved with this special ritual.

Spa like showers.

The best part - dedicated, caring staff who want to make each birth special

 The nurses are not only smart, with good clinical skills...they are fun too!

I'm so glad that our women's services department is getting some upgrading.  I'm sure the patients will appreciate the extra attention as they choose to deliver with us.  Such exciting times!

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Frazzled-Razzle-RN said...

This looks like a beautiful place to work! I love the sink for the newborns.