Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Alumni Race

 El Modena Alumni Race

Erika and Michelle ran cross country for El Modena high school.  Each year the coach holds an 'alumni race' the first Wednesday of August.  Current runners get a taste of competition and graduates get together for the simple pleasure of running.  Parent supporters like myself go to socialize and cheer on our favorite athletes.

These two happen to be my favorite :)

 The start of the race is always a little crazy but there is no is mostly for fun 

See no pressure at all!

Even our girl pups got in on the run...and they both smiled as they tried to keep up.  This was about the two mile mark and Penny and Syd had just about had it.  I took them at this point, yet they were still pretty excitable as we jogged after the runners. (the best part is they sleep really well after workouts!)

Coming in to the finish~

 I sure miss days like these.  Running was such a part of our lives for so many years...
I always loved to watch my girls compete - even if it was just a race for fun.
I can't wait until little Lily competes in some sport!!

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