Friday, July 2, 2010

Another Disney day

Our family has all gone home. My mom and I had breakfast this morning with Uncle Dave and Donita...then they got on the road.
My sister Dawn and her family left this morning to go back to Oregon. It is strangely quiet. And I feel a little sense of loss at having everyone gone. We have had so much fun together.
At least we have great memories to share....

One of those memories is our trip to Disneyland this past week. 21 of us went. We had to break up at times but we also kept running in to each other. I am glad that we are able to do things like this together. We did so much - yet we left much of the park untouched.

Here's a small photo journal of our day:

Trying to decide what to do and where to go. The hardest part was that we had adults, teenagers, young kids and toddlers with us. We all had different things we wanted to see and do.

Some of the bigger kids on the rocket ride

My daughter Michelle and Mitch - and my dad in the background in the blue jacket.

My niece Sarah

My daughter Erika and Tim

My little niece Nicole in her Minnie ears

Lily having cotton candy

Kaitlyn, Nikki and Lily with the world famous Mickey Mouse

Nikki and Lily also found Minnie Mouse. Minnie is making a fuss over Nikki's hat and Lily had a Minnie t-shirt on that she is showing to Minnie. Minnie was so excited!

The girls were soooo happy to be with Minnie. They didn't want to leave so that anyone else could see her.

Here's a short little video of Kaitlyn and Nikki on the autopia cars:

On the "thoo thoo twain" (yes, it took me awhile to figure out what Nikki was asking to ride) and we rode that train more than once during the day.
Watching the fireworks
California Adventure at night
We ended our day by standing in an hour long line to watch the newest show at Disneyland called "World of Color". It is a high tech water show. So at 11:00 pm we watched this show. I have posted a very short version of it here....

Miss all of you guys already! I can't wait until we all get to be together again.


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Holly said...

What a fun trip and that's so awesome so many were able to go together and enjoy it.