Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Medical Updates

This has been a long summer - filled with multiple doctor visits and time spent waiting on test results...yet, I think we are nearing an end to the drama around here.

Michelle's breast biopsies came back as fibrous adenomas. Mostly something she is just going to have to watch for the rest of her life. She sees the surgeon again in 6 months and as long as she has no new growths and her current masses stay the same, then they will back off to once a year. She managed the biopsies well, had very little pain and less bruising this time. She is just "lumpy'.

As for Erika~ her blood work is all normal, her cervical screen is negative and her C.A.T. scan was negative!! Yeah - no sternal lymph mass, no pelvic masses - nothing! Thank God!! She has now been cleared to go on about her life. She is feeling so much better, is eating better and taking vitamins.
She has also started training again for cross country season. She ran 5 miles today. She is behind in her mileage but hopefully will still have a strong season. She will be a senior this year at Biola University and was hoping to just enjoy this time in her life. Many thanks to her coach for his friendship and understanding during this tough summer!!

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nurse XY said...

Yay for good health!