Monday, July 12, 2010


Mom - before you wig out that no one told you is not one of your grand daughters... :)

I work with this cute, young nurse named Cristina. She is in her upper 20's and we all just love her. I've loved her from the moment she came to us. She is spunky, smart, and caring. She started in L&D as a new grad. She grew up in this area, moved to San Diego to go to school then moved back here to work and start her adult life. Even though we are generations apart in age, we have become good friends as we have worked together on the unit and on different committees.

Of course when you are young, smart and cute on top of are often the one set up on many a blind dates. We all wanted the best for Cristina and never really quite understood why no one had snatched her up yet. Come on - she has a good job, owns her own condo, is funny and has a cute little chihuahua! I always thought she'd be a great daughter in law...but Jon is a couple years younger than she is so I just never pushed that.
She has never given up or ever seemed too concerned with finding the right person - she worked, joined committees, had friends and basically enjoyed life as a single girl.

About a year ago she started dating Chris...she had known him in high school but they both had different significant others back then. They went off to college and got their careers going. Then they reconnected...and fell in love.

It has been so fun to watch her eyes shine as she talks about Chris. To watch their relationship develop. To ask her things like, "do you think he is 'the one'". I had a 'feeling' about them from the very start.

They went to Hawaii this past week and all of us on the unit have been speculating whether she'd come back with a ring on her finger...She texted me about something earlier in the week and I asked if she had any 'news' yet. To which she responded, "No, I'd post it on facebook if I did".
I was ubber excited when I got a text from her that said, "News is posted". We logged on at work (even though we are not supposed to.....) and there she announced to us that she was engaged.
I can tell you that we were all smiling and happy to hear her news!! You could almost hear the roar in L&D as we shared our excitement with her.
Can't wait for her to come back so I can see her ring and give her a big hug.

Congratulations Chris and Cristina! May you have
years of wedded bliss and lots of cute babies!!!!!

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