Friday, July 16, 2010

Life Goes On

I am home from a day filled with doctor visits. I am a bit tired, and glad the appointments are over.

We started this morning with Michelle getting bilateral biopsies done on her taa-taa's. Six months ago she told me that she had felt a lump and she was rushed through the medical system back ultrasound, referral to a breast oncologist / surgeon and had a single biopsy done that showed the mass to be a fibrous adenoma. (benign mass...cystic in nature...not really a big deal). She had a 6 month followup appointment recently, only to find that she had a new mass on one side and one that had grown on the other side since her last biopsy. So today, she got stuck again. I truly think Dr C. is just being careful with Michelle. It is sometimes hard to tell if the masses are concerning or just fibrous. So we wait for results - again...for the second time in a month. Only with a different child this time.
Michelle is feeling good. She has a tight ace wrap on that she needs to leave on overnight - she looks a flat chested young girl. So far she says that she has hardly any pain. She said the numbing medication was the worst part. Guess we can plan a birthday dinner after all for her this weekend!

After I got Michelle settled at home, Erika and I headed off to the oncologist to followup on that previous "highly suspicious for lymphoma malignancy" report that we had gotten a few weeks ago. First off, let me just tell you that she is feeling so much better. She is eating again (like she used to - HA!), and has even started exercising. She isn't quite back to running yet or training for cross country season but she is so much more her 'normal' self.
The appointment went well, we sort of felt like it was just going to be an easy in and out thing.

The doctor did see the original area of inflammation ~ which is healing but still inflamed. She said there is scar tissue forming which is good. She really wasn't too concerned but went ahead and ran a test for cervical cancer just in case. Then she talked with us. Again, she said she isn't too concerned - she didn't feel any lymph nodes in the obvious areas like the groin or armpit. She did order some lab work (which was drawn today) and a C.A.T. scan. I was a little surprised by this. I guess I am glad though that they are making sure that everything is O.K. I really feel in my gut that she is O.K. and that her doctors are just being cautious since she is young and has a life time ahead of her. So, we have one my hurdle to get over before she is given a clean bill of health.

I am amazingly not worried about either daughter. I know that some people would probably hear biopsy, oncologist, surgeon, C.A.T. scan and totally wig out. But I am at peace for whatever comes of any of this testing. I think they are both quite healthy. I think we will look back on this summer and comment on how we made it through all of this. I think they will go on to lead long lives and are just being challenged right now with questionable issues. They are both strong, independent women of character and are handling all of their testing with grace. And no matter what - our God is the same today as He was yesterday and He will lead us through whatever happens with all of this. I am choosing just to rest in that.

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