Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Being the tightwad that I am, we opted to do our own demo.  We figured we could save a little bit of money and Michelle really wanted to break apart those cupboards.
So, with the help of a friend we got to it.
Honestly....I didn't do much of the demo for home repairs is just not my gift.  I don't get any thrill out of doing the physical work.
So, I was the 'trash lady' and made multiple trips to the trash bins.
And I did food and beer runs.

Here's Michelle starting the demo:
Doesn't she look excited?!?!
Bye, Bye ugly kitchen!

Bit by bit there is less and less in the room

We decided to use the old table as a work station.  
It will soon be donated away.

Erika stopped by for a visit.  She drew pictures on the wall.
Oh, and she helped to pick out the new paint colors.
Dear Hubby stripping off the pineapple wallpaper.

And there's that ugly chandelier
Everything is gone so now the painting can begin.
Well everything but that ugly, non-working stove.  The appliance store will haul it away when they bring the new ones.
Notice the soffett - we took out the old lights and plan to replace them with can lighting.
Even little people can get in on the painting action.

Though some times the paint ended up in other places. Lily sure had fun and learned about working together as a family.

Michelle can multitask.  She talks on the phone as she puts finishing touches on the soffet trim.

I'm glad that other people in my family like to do home just isn't in me but I sure am liking the results.
This has been a huge project for us.  Yes, we probably started the demo and prep work a little too soon, but I had to work on that while I was out of school for winter break.  So the wait for cupboards begins.  I still use the is where I sit and do homework.  Though a couple of the chairs met their demise during the whole demo and prep stage...guess that happens when you stand on 25+ year old chairs - HA!

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