Monday, March 19, 2012

Unexpected On-Call

The phone rang at 5am this morning.
Of course it could only mean one thing...someone from the hospital was calling.
"Do you want to be on-call?"
Really?? On a week-day?? Slow enough to stay home??
Heck yeah!
My PTO is almost maxed out - to the point that I won't be able to accrue any more. So it just stops.  I can't seem to get a scheduled day off and soon I start precepting a new nurse.  So, any on-call days will not come my way for another 10 weeks or so.
I had to ask how many patients were on the board ~ only 4.
How many inductions ~ none.
How many C/Sections ~ three.
Guess I'll go back to bed then.
And back to bed I went.  I slept in until 0830 and then got a few things done around the house.
Even ran a few errands.
It was glorious.  I really think I'd like to work part-time.  It would give me so much more time to clean my house and do homework....
Alas, I didn't get the whole day off.  I got called in around 4pm.  But it sure was nice to stay home for a bit and I was able to burn some PTO so my bank isn't so full.
Love getting those phone calls for an unexpected on-call!

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Zazzy Episodes said...

Nice! I'm glad you enjoyed and got a lot done on your day on-call.