Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Living Room Kitchen

We are in a state of chaos here at my little abode.
We gutted the kitchen the week after Christmas (yes almost 3 months ago!!)
If you could have seen my old kitchen you would know why we finally decided to bite the bullet and go for a remodel.
And like many remodels it is taking longer than expected.
All I can say it is a good thing that we are all very relaxed and flexible around here for this hasn't been easy.
We have a kitchen in the living room
Michelle decided maybe it was cool to have a fridge right next to the TV - she can play video games and reach in for a drink.
On the other wall is our prep area.
It is such chaos and hard to see but we have food in boxes.
We have a coffee maker, toaster, microwave and electric griddle.
So we are not starving by any means.
But a kitchen doesn't really belong in the living room.
We look like hoarders!!
Trust me though, we have gotten rid of so much over the coarse of the last couple of months and plan to rid ourselves of more junk when we move back in to the actual kitchen.
Here's a look at my ugly old kitchen.......
Finish coming off of the cabinets.
An old 1960's double stove (of which neither stove works - just the cooktop)

Cupboard doors the don't close and old florescent lighting.
UGH- look at that ugly stove!
A dishwasher that leaks 
and cupboards rotting off of the countertop.
 You can't really see it but the cupboards are coming off of the wall up in the corner.

The pineapple wallpaper may be called 'retro' now but I hated it!
 You can't really see the old chandelier in these two pictures but trust me - it is old and dirty.
Functions and provides light but it is an eyesore.

 Oh my beejeebers....looking back at this old ugly kitchen grosses me out.  And to think that I have lived with it for a long time.  I can't wait to have my new, functional, updated kitchen.
Just wish it would hurry up and magically appear!

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