Friday, June 27, 2008

She's Home

The little world traveler is home! :)
Michelle has been off in China but she came home this afternoon. It sounds like she had a really fun, if not exhausting time. She said she really liked it there (except there was no blue sky - always smoggy in the city) and she would like to go back on a study abroad course or something to that effect. She always talks about joining the peace corp., so maybe she will be there again.

I am just glad that she is safe and sound here at home. It is always a little weird, sort of unsettling when your young ones are off traveling without you. I guess the mom thing doesn't go away even as they get older. Michelle certainly loves to travel and I know there will be many more times when she is not home...but I think for tonight I will just enjoy her company.

Now she can feed all of her animals again! And maybe if they find her luggage we can see what she bought for all of us who were left here at home...

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