Friday, September 26, 2008

The Foot Saga Continues

I haven't updated recently on the ongoing foot saga...well, it still continues...but I think that it is finally starting to close up. Buzz still has a wound vac. on it (dressing attached to a machine that pulls the wound together and drains the fluid) but it does look like it is closing and it is draining much less fluid.
He has off of antibiotics so no longer has a PICC line. He had it for two months and it is a good thing that it came out for it had this big clot on it and that sure would not have been pretty if that broke loose.
He sees a group of physicians on Wednesday. Maybe then they will give him more privileges to be up and around.
In the mean time - he has been getting the Riverside house ready to rent out - FINALLY!
Then we want to start working on the condo.
As for me...I just keep on working, going to school and trying to hit as many of Erika's races as I can. Life sure is not boring!!
Oh and of course - little Lily visits too :)

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