Sunday, October 26, 2008

If you know me well

If you know me well :

You know how much I miss having Erika around home every day. I was again reminded of this fact when she was here last night (choosing to spend the night at home and take a small break from school. She has a tough semester this fall - carrying 17 units and running). I just relaxed in the fact that she was in my house, even if she was doing homework most of the time she was here.I think she enjoyed being able to meet the new dog, Penny and to spend time playing with her niece, Lily (who also spent the night last night). But I will say, that having a daughter who is involved in school has its benefits when I am missing her too much I can click on the school web site and hopefully find a picture of was the case tonight :)
You too can see her if you go to and click on athletics - she pops up in the most current cross country story. She is the one on the right side of the picture wearing the # 308. Ahhh...just being able to look at her...

You know that I like animals, and that my house is its own miniature zoo - thanks mostly to Michelle. But I never planned to get a second dog! A big, lovable yellow lab we call Penny. We are enjoying her and she gets along pretty well with Sydney. One of the hardest things is taking them both on a walk...they walk me, vs. me walking them! I must be just a little bit crazy.

You know that I like my job...but I like being able to do my job and go home. I don't like having medical issues at home. I guess I want to be able to go to work and leave it all behind. But lately that hasn't been the case. We are still dealing with the ongoing foot battle. Though it is closing up. It is taking for ever! Buzz has been off of work since July - hopefully he will be returning by the first of the year. He is back on antibiotics (pills this time not IV) - for his white count was elevated. Not only does he have all of his health issues, but Michelle has her kidney issues. It is time for her do obtain another 24 hour urine sample. So we have that lovely container sitting in the bathroom. She is oh, so excited to get to stay around the house a full day and collect pee...! So fun. And to top if off the new dog has a hematoma on her spay incision site that we have to apply warm compresses to twice a day. I guess once a nurse, always a nurse. It is hard to turn off!

You know that I am passionate about our perinatal comfort care program at St Joseph's. I frequently read blog sites of other parents who have carried a baby to term, knowing full well that their child will not survive long term. I read them to try and understand how parents feel and how best I can serve our parents. Well - I just found out that the Mooney's story will be airing on Oprah this Tuesday, October 28th. It is an episode on miracle children. You can learn more about little Eliot by watching 99 balloons or visiting his blog site. What a special couple they are, and what a special way they have found to honor their little boy. He may have only lived 99 days but he has touched so many lives.

You know that I cram way too much in to my life...hence I never get the sleep I need...wonder if that is why I am dragging...So, I better end this post and call it a night :)

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