Thursday, February 7, 2008

Can't Get Enough

This little girl is taking over...we just can't seem to get enough of her - of her little eyes,her yummy smell,her little buns,her thin fingers,her precious little feet. I just want to hold her all day and never go to work again. I actually ditched a meeting today so that I could be with her and that is totally not like me. Funny how new life rearranges your priorites!
Sweet little Lilly...
With her Auntie Shel
Flat Stanley came to visit all the way from Oregon
Check out these feet, I've always loved baby feet.
I just want to kiss them!!
Do you blame me for wanting to spend every waking moment with her??


Damion & Julie Hamilton said...

Thank you for your comment on the Birth of Giana. I see Shannon Lott did some pregnancy portraits for a friend of yours. She is amazing and such a great person. Very wise choice in a photographer!

babyrndeb said...

We loved Shannon :) And now we are falling deep in love with our little baby...

Shannon Lott said...

Hey there! Lilly looks SO alert already! She is lucky and getting lots of love I see. I bet she has changed already...I hope Kim and Jon are doing well too.