Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Lovely Lilly Day

Aww...we had a whole Lilly day today! Kim and Lilly came over today and we had such fun. First we went to get her prints done by my friend Barb Johnson. ( I have known Barb for many years. We used to work together in L&D and she does these great clay imprints. We wanted to get Lilly's done while she was still little. Lilly was none to happy with us! She did not think this was fun...

She was so glad when we told her she was finished.

Then we went to visit our favorite photographer Shannon. She did Kim's belly shots a while back and we wanted a few newborn shots too. You can link to her site to see more of her pictures...they are so cute that we are going to have trouble picking our favorites! We think Shannon is the best!

Finally - home to sleep. I think we must have wore Lilly out for she slept about 4 hours. We sure had fun though. Thanks Kim and Lilly for spending the day with me.


Shannon Lott said...

I'm SO happy was part of the lovely Lilly day:)


Anonymous said...

Oh, she is a cutie! Those pcitures are sooo sweet... love the one of her little bottom!

We had Barbara do handprints for both Ezekiel and Rebekah Jane, too. We love them!! -Bethany