Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I was blog surfing late last night...needed a breather after working on Statistics homework all day. 
And I mean all day. 
I didn't leave the house. 
I started at 9 am. 
I did a few chores around the house for an occasional break and fixed dinner so we wouldn't starve over here.
I put the books away at 10pm.  
Can you believe that one class would take that much work to get through it?!?!  Well it does.  And some of my friends that are in my group struggled with it so much that they never finished the work.  At least I was able to finish mine. I'm not sure it is correct - but it is done!

I was finally relaxing...
I saw a post on a blogger - friends site ~ so I copied and pasted it.
Just for some randomness~

{a} age :: closer to the BIG 5-0 then I am to 40 any more...
{b} bed size :: Queen.  Not quite big enough for the two of us but a King won't fit in our room!
{c} chore you hate :: sweeping all of the dog hair - needs to be more than once a day!!!!
{d} dogs :: My love - Penny, a 90 pound yellow lab and the crazy Sydney-a mixed up sheperd / husky,wild thing
{e} essential start to your day :: Coffee
{f} favorite color :: purple (funny that was Grandma Ruth's favorite color too)
{g} gold or silver :: Silver
{h} height :: 5'7"
{i} instruments you play :: None - though I did take piano lessons for many years ~I just never "got it".
{j} job title :: Clinical nurse II in Labor and Delivery, Perinatal Hospice Nurse, Mom, Housekeeper, Cook
{k} kids :: Jon (28), Erika (22), Michelle (21) 
{l} live :: California
{m} maiden name :: McCarty
{n} nicknames :: Debbie, Deb
{o} overnight hospital stays :: only a couple.
{p} pet peeve :: messy people.  writing of others on my perfect paperwork at work...
{q} quote :: "Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God" - Corrie TenBoom
{r} righty or lefty :: Righty
{s} siblings :: One older brother, 2 younger sisters
{t} time you wake up :: work days - 0530. non work days 8-9.
{u} university attended :: Biola Univ., Santa Ana College, Vanguard University
{v} vegetables you dislike ::  I like most vegetables.
{w} what makes you run late :: Not much - I tend to be pretty prompt.
{x} x-rays you’ve had :: only a few - never had a broken bone
{y} yummy food :: Mexican food 
{z} zoo animal favorite :: Giraffes

Now it's your turn~ post some randomness  :)

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