Friday, May 10, 2013

BSN ~ RN Pinning

I graduated!
It is finally real!
I did it.
I worked hard and accomplished this goal.

I finished my BSN 
(well really I finished in December but we just had graduation and our RN pinning)
I have a bachelorette degree.

It was nice to finally have the pinning ceremony.
The school only does one a year where they honor 3 nursing cohorts (summer semester, fall and spring semester grads all at the same time.) plus a few others who still needed to finish a few classes.
Not all of my classmates attended but for those that did it was a wonderful time of recognition.

Speeches were given.
The president of the university was there.
Most of our professors were in attendance.
We each got acknowledged and received our pins.
And thank goodness we didn't have to wear one of those old nursing hats!
It was a really good day and I for one am glad that I attended.

This is our director of nursing ~ Dr.Mary Wickman
She used to work on our postpartum floor so I have known her for many years.
She went on to get her doctorate and know runs the program ~ yet she is still so down to earth and easy to talk to.

 A few of my good friends ~ Walter, Me, Sandy and Shelley

Mike, Walter and myself
(Walter gave the speech for our cohort...thank goodness...otherwise it would of been me! Though I did lead the Florence Nightingale pledge for the graduating nurses).

Most of my cohort.
L to R - Alex, Akemy, Sylvia, Dana, Shelley, Mike, Sandy, Me, Lyra, Walter and Thuy.
We spent two years of our life together.
We supported each other when we felt like quitting and we made life long friendships.
Every works in different hospitals and has different specialities but that made the learning all the better for we learned from each others experiences and expertise.

 My actual pin - I love it!

We also got this Florence Nightingale lamp.  
It's a nice little memento of our time spent at Vanguard.

If you want to watch my presentation here it is - click on it. :)
Remember to silence the playlist down below.
Such a fun event

Now I need to decide if I want to go back for my MSN or totally switch gears.
For right now I'm just going to relish in being free of homework!

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amoryg said...

Ahhhhhhhh!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! !!!!!! Great job!