Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Busy or Too Old

I came home from my little mini vacation to a busy, busy work mode.

It is only May but the days that I have been scheduled have been sort of makes me nervous for the summer months which tend to be busy in the baby world!
I've worked days where I don't get a break until 3:00 in the day I didn't get a break / lunch until 5pm.  Our unit isn't one where you can just say "Oh, wait - stop delivering while I go eat".

So I've been coming home a bit exhausted.

And not only that but it seems that I have been involved in some really scary deliveries much so that I find myself wondering if it is time for me to move on.  Time for me to find something else to do.  Time for me to retire (though I really can't do that for I'm too young and need to work for the $$).  Maybe I will get a master's in library science and go work at my local library since I love reading so much!

Today I lounged around.  I must be getting old since it takes me a full day to recover after a couple of hectic days on the unit.  UGH!

But on a better note.  We got our long term benefit / choices for our department.  We can choose things such as no floating (which we rarely do anyways),  working fewer weekend days, etc.  Since I have been at the hospital for 25 years I could also choose to only work one summer that is what I'm going to do - and I chose that holiday to be Memorial Day (since I don't do anything different or celebrate that day in any way).  Which means I get Mother's day, Father's day and 4th of July off!  Guess there is some benefit to longevity!!

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