Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mall of America

You can't go to Minneapolis without going to see the Mall of America - right?
So as soon as the conference let out for the day I headed there.
I purchased a ticket for the light rail and hopped on.
Now being one that doesn't use public transportation that often, I was slightly nervous.
But my girlfriend had assured me that it was super easy.
And it was.
The train took me right to the entrance of the mall.
I wasn't really going to look for anything in particular.
In fact I went to very few stores.
I just wanted to see it since I have heard so much about the place.
I even stayed one extra night at the hotel just so that I could have the whole afternoon to roam the mall.

It is four stories tall with 100's of stores.
Most of the same stores we have here in California so that wasn't any big deal.
Just the sheer magnitude of it was amazing.
I walked around each floor
There are two big food courts, lots of other larger restaurants, theaters, a huge BestBuy and a Marshalls.
They have a Nordstrom AND a Nordstrom Rack.
A Sears, a Macy's and a large Barnes and Noble bookstore.
There is also a miniature golf course and even a wedding chapel. 
(Really, a wedding chapel, in a mall?)
Of course the mall is known for having an amusement park right in the middle of it.
Now it certainly isn't Disneyland but it was still pretty impressive for being indoors.
It was pretty busy, with many families enjoying themselves.
And no, I did not go on any rides
I only bought a couple of small things (I didn't want to have to 
worry about packing and lugging stuff home).
I bought a pair of earrings at Brighton, a book and a card for my new friend Sheree.

And of course I walked through the American Girl doll store.
I texted Lily a couple of photos.
She texted back the things she wanted.
I promised her that I would take her to the store in L.A. when I get home.
It was a fun adventure and now I can say that I have at least seen the Mall of America.
Too bad I'm really not much of a shopper...I could have gone a little crazy if I were.

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