Thursday, April 18, 2013

PLIDA Conference

I'm attending the PLIDA (Pregnancy Loss Infant Death Alliance) Conference this week in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
It has been a long time since I have been to attend any type of national nursing conference.

I try to attend our state AWHONN conference each year.
But getting to a national conference is a little harder.
I am not presenting this time around.
And I only know one other person that is here.

I'm just going to go, try to learn something new, try to make new friends, network and just see what is out there in the world of perinatal bereavement.
I like attending conferences.  They sort of energize me and I want to stay current in my practice.
I also like to travel and think it is fun to stay in a hotel.
I love exploring new cities.  I enjoy walking about and just seeing what a city has to offer.
And you meet some really interesting people by exploring ~

But the real purpose for me to be in Minneapolis is to attend the classes.
A lot of big name speakers are here....
If you are curious about PLIDA just click on the link.
or check out the PLIDA facebook page

The conference is being held at the Depot Renaissance Hotel
It is a restored, old railway station and is really cool.

The old station smokestack

The only problem is that it has been snowing all day.
So I am stuck inside.
I arrived yesterday and was able to get my bearings, but I am not going anywhere tonight.
Yes, I have a coat and gloves but I am staying in for the evening!
This California girl thinks it is really pretty out...but I'd rather stay in my nice warm room :)

There are all of these funky statues around the hotel.  
It sort of makes it feel like you are in a different era.

There are also displays of old train memorabilia.
Sort of fun looking around the lobby area.

Most of the sessions are being held in the old station room.
It is absolutely beautiful with gold inlay and old brickwork.
I must admit that I keep finding myself staring the the ceilings and decor instead of paying attention to the presenters.

One of best things about the hotel are these little sample products.
I love me some Aveda!

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