Saturday, April 13, 2013

Bridesmaids & Groomsmen

I just love, love, love all of the pictures of Erika and her bridesmaids!!
She has the best friends and family
And we all love her as much as she loves us.

I will apologize right up front though because I have just a few shots of the men on this post.
Erika did not want to see Tim until she walked down the aisle so we had to be very creative in keeping them apart.
Therefore the only photos I have at this point of the men are from our photographer, Ivan Chen.

On to picture overload.......
Erika with the cutest flower girl ever - her niece (and my granddaughter Lily)

From left to right:
Kelsey (college friend and roommate), Natasha (college friend and roommate since freshman year),
Sarah (college friend and roommate), Michelle (sister and maid of honor)
Erika and Lily
Katie (college friend and roommate, maid of honor)
Connie (college friend and roommate)
Sasha (new sister in law)
Meghan and baby girl (new sister in law and new niece)

I actually love this photo ~
Lily makes me laugh.
I think she was already getting tired of picture taking and we were just getting started.

Lily made trusted allies in most of Erika's friends years ago.
She used to attend many cross country and track meets with me and grew to love those Biola runners.
Here you can see how much she trusts them and gains comfort from one of them just by being close to her. (Danielle - sorry that only half of your torso is in the photo.  I think someone was focusing on Lily. But hey - at least you have good legs!)

Now for a few shots of the men.
Lets see if I can get all of their names right......

Left to right:
Owen (college friend), Jon (my son / Erika's brother).
Antonio (long time family friend)
Joshua (Tim's brother and best man),  Tim
Dave (Tim's brother in law and best man).
John (high school friend), Luke (college friend)
John (college friend)
And in the front ~
Tim's nephew Isaiah (ring bearer) and Tim's brother Matt  (he performed the wedding...such a special touch to be be joined in marriage by your brother)

John, John, Luke, Matt, Josh, Tim, Dave, Antonio, Jon, Owen, Isaiah

This one must be after the actual wedding because Erika is in the mix.

More of the girls. 
Ivan moved them around to different places to get the best shots.
Meghan, Sarah, Kelsey, Michelle, Erika, Katie, Connie, Natasha and Sasha

A little bit of Sass

I love his picture too for you can see the fun that they were having and how much they care about each other.  I can only imagine how much fun these girls had during college.
They attended Biola, ran, and lived together.
I am sure they are going to be life long friends.

Sisterly love ~

My beautiful and fun loving daughter.

My daughter and I  (mother-of-the-bride isn't as easy as you think)

Erika and her flower girl Lily.

I love you baby girl and you make an absolutely beautiful bride!


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