Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Processional

Now on to the actual wedding
We have so many photos taken by Ivan Chen.
He too attended Biola and Talbot.  
It was so nice having friends take care of us on our special day.
Erika's father also has his own photography site (mostly for family) so many of these he took.
Thanks to both Randy and Ivan for providing us with memories....

Tim's grandparents being escorted by his brother Josh.

Tim's grandmother being escorted by his brother-in-law Dave

Tim's brother Matt escorting another set of grandparents

My son Jon escorting my parents followed by my dear hubby

Erika's Nana and Papa

Tim escorting his mom Cathy

Tim carrying baby Kate (I LOVE this little girl.  She is Tim's niece and is full of personality.

Tim and his brother Matt heading to the alter

The wedding party.
Starting with Owen and Natasha.

Luke and Sarah

John and Mehgan

John and Connie

My son Jon and Kelsey

Antonio and Sasha

Dave and Katie

Tim's brother Josh being a gentleman and making sure
 my daughter Michelle doesn't fall down the ramp.

Isaiah and Lily

She was supposed to toss the flower pedals but I think she got nervous.
(Well she also has a big crush on Isaiah and kept telling me how she couldn't wait to hold his she just grabbed his arm).

The guests waiting to see the bride.

Me and Erika's father Randy

Here she comes

Her first look at her groom

And Tim's first view of his bride.

Giving Erika off to her new husband

Next post - the ceremony


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Oh my goodness!!! I'm crying!!! How beautiful!