Friday, April 12, 2013

Wedding - Getting Ready

 Lily and I started the day at the hair salon while Erika was at a different salon getting her hair done
The previous day we all had our nails done.  It sure takes a lot to get ready for a wedding :)

Then we all met up at the Muckenthaler Mansion to finish getting ready

Erika wore a little pop of color with her beautiful dress~

The bridesmaids helping the beautiful bride plus our special 'coordinator' Danielle that kept us on time~

Getting ready.  Here you can see what my hair looked like

Erika used a brooch oh her bow that belonged to my grandmother

Lily playing a game since she was starting to get a little bored with all of the prep.  She really wanted to go out an play with her cousin but we were trying to keep her clean until the wedding. 

Tim helping one of the groomsmen get ready

Tim's older brother Matt, making sure Tim was ready and looking sharp.  
Matt officiated the wedding.  
That was a special touch - older brother marrying his baby brother to his new sister-in-law.
Groomsmen praying over the groom ~

Erika is ready to go meet her man
More to come,

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