Thursday, April 3, 2008

fun times

I know it is a job...but sometimes you meet people and you just click with them...then it turns in to more fun than just a job. You become part of the family, not just the nurse for the day. Like the patient who was a Biola grad (where Erika goes) and her husband was a Long Beach state grad (where Michelle is going to go)...we had lots to talk about. I had done their previous delivery so it felt right to be doing this delivery too. She literally laughed the baby out - I never did have her push and the doctor barely made it in to the room. The dad said he would have needed to call a "condition H" for HELP! if I hadn't been standing right in the room watching it all.
Then the other family - the big one with visitors everywhere. They were all so funny and they are opening a restaurant in downtown Fullerton in a couple of months. I want to say it will be called "Rory's" but don't quote me on that...and a perk of my job...I get to go for dinner as a family member :) Oh - and the fried zuchinni that they brought me from Dukes was a yummy snack. I think we talked about food all day during that delivery.

I don't think I could ever go back to a management job - I just love the patient contact too much for that. There is just something to be said about being with a family and experiencing such a special moment with them. I believe in family and want to provide family centered care and hopefully get families off to a good start. This is the part of my job that makes me say, "I love my job".
And since no post is complete without a picture and since I'm writing about's a picture of Michelle trying to manage both babies in our family at one time!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie! I just discovered your blog tonight! And i read the whole thing! This is so great... I love reading about your L&D experiences. All the stuff I always want to ask you about.

And I didn't know you had a grandbaby! How wonderful!! She is adorable.

I posted several comments along the way, if you want to go back and read them from your prior posts.

This is fun!

-Bethany Plumb