Friday, April 4, 2008

Shot time

Today was shot time in our world. First off was little Sydney - she got 3 shots and a nasal dose of medication and lots of treats. She didn't even seem to care about the shots - just kept wagging her little tail and eating up those treats. She has put on 4 pounds since being sick - she is now up to 10.5 lbs. The vet gave her a clean bill of health. :)

We took her out on her first adventure outdoors after her doctor's visit. She seemed to have a good time but really needs to learn how to walk on a leash! Then she came home and took a nap.Silly dog!!

Then on to Lilly - I was just looking on her blog and she also got shots today - but she got 5 plus her oral polio.

Now I am not against vaccines - I've seen the effects of diseases on the human body and spirit. But I do have some great reservations about giving babies 5 shots in one day...and this is not to make you moms out there feel bad...but I think the vaccine schedule needs to be changed. It needs to be stretched out. Needs to be a bit more flexible. It takes a persistent, loud and probably obnoxious parent to buck the system and who wants to be that parent? Don't the parents feelings count in raising and trying to do what is best for our children? Thanks to modern medicine for doing a good job and eradicating many diseases but I still think we may need to look at how we are going about that process...

Just random food for thought.

Kim is such a good mommy - look how these two lovingly gaze at each other. Can't you just hear those baby coos?Daddy giving comfort...I couldn't post the screaming photo - you'll have to go to Kim's site to see that one. Makes me want to cry right along with her.Love you little baby! Sending big hugs your way.

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