Saturday, May 24, 2008

Patients as Friends

Going through nursing school, I can remember being taught - "Don't make friends with your patients. Don't give them your full name nor any contact information. Remember - this is your job, not your personal life".
Well, I of course did not take that fully to heart and I am glad that I didn't. If I had, I would have missed out on some relationships with some really awesome people. Women who have touched my life and who I now see on a regular basis. It is fun to be invited in to people's lives, to watch their children grow up, be invited to birthday parties, dedications, and maybe some day weddings!
One such person that I met as a patient, is my friend Giselle. I met her about 4 1/2 years ago when she came in laboring. After our initial introductions - I checked her since she looked like she was in pretty active labor. Giselle says that one of the very first things she remembers me saying to her is. "Oh, that is not a head that I feel....I think your baby may be breech". Yes - I was the first one to touch her babies little butt!!
The following day I went to visit G - we had bonded and I wanted to check on her...only to have her tell me with tears in her eyes, "They think my baby has Down's Syndrome...will you please go check on her?" So - off to the nursery I went - only to have to agree with the doctors and to have to go back to tell G that.
That was the start of our friendship. I actually even helped take care of Emma for awhile at home when she was little.
So -fast forward to 2008. Giselle and I still see each other. She came to my wedding, we go to lunch, visit and talk about all kind of things.
Giselle was blessed with another pregnancy and we had planned the whole delivery this time. I was to take care of her again with the delivery scheduled this week. We had the day planned, the anesthesiologist picked out, her MD lined up before he went out of town and another person to document the delivery in pictures. But as life sometimes happens - our plans fell completely apart when she ended up delivering early!
Giselle delivered little Abby Rose on April 9th at 0844 am. She was only 32 weeks and only weighed 3-12, and was 16 inches long. She spent a little time in CHOC's NICU but is now home and doing so well! I got to play with her this week and snuggle that cute little body of hers. She is just so sweet. Congratulations to both Giselle and John on their newest arrival!!
And now on to some photos:
Giselle and I - a patient that is now my friend!!Welcome Abby Rose! Little Abby Rose - home and now 6 pounds
The infamous Emma - the one who started our friendship :)
Big brother Jack and baby Abby

A special thanks to those other patients that have come in to my life and enriched it by their presence...Heather, Trishe, Lori, Tami, Kathy, Annette, and many others. I am so glad that I met you and got to be a part of your special day and that I chose to break the "rule" of 'never make friends with your patients'!!

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