Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I am so far behind in my blogging...but it is for a good reason! Jon and Kim have been out of town so I've had the pleasure of having Lily at my house and we have been so busy!!!!We have gone to track meets, shopping, out to dinner with cousins and to the American Girl Doll Store in LA. Plus I sort of forgot how much work a 3 month old is...feedings every 3 hours, awake at night and all of the extra stuff you need to pack to go anywhere. But, I'd watch her again in a heartbeat for she is just so sweet! I can't even write all I want to right now for she is squirming in my lap but I promise to catch up soon...

Please can I have that doll??

Fun with cousins.
Shopping at The Grove with Auntie Shel

One has to cover up in the sun at track meets!

Visiting Auntie E at Biola

Bath timeWhew! I think I need a nap!


Kimberly said...

Someone looks like me in the bath time picture- oh yes, my sweet sweet time has come when she looks like me.

I'm sure she had a wonderful time; she's one of those babies that finds comfort in always moving moving moving.

She's going to be a little busy one like her dad and I. Always wanting to be somewhere, doing something.

Shannon Lott said...

What a good Grandma you are! She does look more like Kim in the bath photo, but in all the other ones...JON!