Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back to School

It is that time of year again - only this year it is different for me. No release forms to sign, no back to school night to go to, no car-pools or worrying about kids getting to school on time. It is a strange place indeed!
Erika has moved back to Biola. She has one of the same roommates as last year and a new transfer from Cal Baptist. She is excited to be back and doing her own thing. She is looking forward to running season - infact the girls cross country team is ranked 5th in the preseason poll. Check it out on the Biola athletic web site. Erika is actually in that picture but you can barely see her behind another girl.
Then Michelle has started at Cal State Long Beach. She has been going all this week for orientation. Even had homework last night. I hope she likes going there. She said that her legs hurt last night from all of the walking she is doing. It is a nice campus and really not that hard to get around but certainly different than her high school. She is going to continue to live at home for now since it is only a 15 minute drive for our house to the campus.
And if you can believe it - I am actually going back to college. Erika thinks I should work at Biola so I could go there but for now I am taking an online class through Goldenwest College and hopefully an anatomy class at Santa Ana College. I am trying to just get a few more letters behind my name. Not really change jobs or anything. Just go after a little more. I have a few pre-reqs to get before I can get in to any type of BSN or MSN program. Well actually I could get in but I'd still have to do the pre-reqs along the way and doing both would do me in for sure!!
At times I wonder if I am crazy. Should I really be doing this with everything else that is going on in my life? I question whether I'll be able to work full time, take care of an ill husband, try to maintain a household, find time to study and still carve out a little fun time. But then again I think if I never start plugging away at it, I will never be done. So, I am going to attempt being a college student again. It sure is different this time around - computers and on-line classes, never really seeing your classmates face to face, no typewriters and white out, being able to go to class at midnight if I choose to. Sure is a different world! But I am hoping that some life experience and 20+ years on the job will make it somewhat easier to comprehend. Guess I'll find out!
And speaking of school...I really should be watching a video assignment!

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Shannon Lott said...

Hello! Just checking in on you! Wow...busy busy bee. Congrats on going back to school. That's great. I hope Buzz's foot is healing. Yikes, sounds awful.

Hope you are doing well!