Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Ongoing Foot Saga Week 4

The foot saga continues...
It is now week 4 of the fight with the foot gods - and we've lost. Buzz is in pre-op holding right now, awaiting surgery to remove his toes on his right foot. They are taking off the top 1/3 of his foot.
He had a doctor's appointment this am and the infection looked worse - draining more and he was in more pain so the doctor said it was time to throw in the towel. He was admitted to the hospital around 1 pm and will have surgery this afternoon.
His PICC line is also clotted so they need to work at getting that fixed because when he comes home he will still be on IV antibiotics. The hope is to attach a wound vac to the open wound and hopefully get the rest of the foot to heal.
It has been a long hard journey so far and I know that it is not ever with yet. All I really want is to go to bed and stay there for awhile!
I actually have pictures of the wound - thought about posting them but didn't want to gross any one out - so if you want to see them...just ask. It is pretty impressive.
Can I just say that sometimes life sucks....

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Melanie said...

Ok lady, you said it, "Just ask". Well, as I'm sure you already know.......I WANNA SEE!!!! You should know better than to put that firecracker question out there with me in cyberspace!!! :) Ok, send 'em!